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Daditextile's explanation of fire safety

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In order to ensure the fire safety production of the company’s Zhouyuan Weaving Factory, combined with the "Autumn Safety Production Consolidation Month" activity held in the factory area, the fire awareness and emergency response capabilities of all employees are improved to ensure that employees can extinguish fires and escape safely in the event of a fire. 

On September 26, Daditextile invited Liu Baopeng, the instructor of the Municipal Security Fire Brigade, to conduct a fire safety and fire safety knowledge training for the employees of the company's Zhouyuan Weaving Factory.

The training meeting was presided over by the company’s deputy general manager Zhang Yuefeng, and expressed his sincere thanks to instructor Liu for his arrival. Instructor Liu explained fire protection knowledge, clarified the responsibilities of plant leaders and employees, and explained in detail how to master the emergency procedures and escape methods to be taken in the event of a fire.Fire knowledge explanation-DADITEXTILE

Instructor Liu’s lectures mainly focused on fire safety education, fire prevention in the factory, escape from public places, self-rescue, etc., and put forward precautions to employees, which improved their self-rescue and self-protection capabilities and their ability to respond to emergencies. Good production safety with fire safety as the top priority.

How to use common fire extinguishing equipment at home

How to use the foam fire extinguisher: You can carry the lifting ring on the upper part of the barrel to quickly go to the fire scene. At this time, care should be taken not to tilt the fire extinguisher excessively, let alone hold it horizontally or upside down, so as to prevent the two agents from mixing and spraying out in advance. When the distance from the ignition point is about 10 meters, the cylinder can be turned upside down, one hand grips the lifting ring tightly, and the other hand holds the bottom ring of the cylinder, aiming the jet at the burning material.

How to save yourself in a fire

1. If there is a refuge floor or evacuation stairs, you can first enter the refuge floor or evacuate to a safe place by the evacuation stairs.

2. If the floor is already on fire, but the stairs have not burned, and the fire is not very violent, you can put on a quilt soaked with water and quickly rush down from the upper floor.

3. Multi-storey building fires, such as the stairs have been burned, or the fire has been quite violent, you can use the balcony, downspout or bamboo poles of the house to escape.

4. If various escape routes are cut off, they should retreat indoors and close doors and windows. Water on the doors and windows when possible to delay the spread of the fire. At the same time, you can throw small things outside, and at night you can use a flashlight to send out a distress signal.


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