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Effectively reduce sudden yarn defects' five methods

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Starting from these five aspects, it can effectively reduce sudden fabric yarn defects

Yarn defect is an important problem that is difficult to solve in the spinning process. It seriously affects the quality of the finished yarn and also causes a certain loss to the subsequent process. Generally divided into frequent yarn defects and sudden yarn defects. Among them, sudden yarn defects include short thick knots, neps, increased hairiness, and evenness defects. Most of these types of yarn defects are caused by poor production management, poor operation, intact equipment, poor operating conditions of special parts, and process design. Unreasonable, this type of yarn has large and few defects, but it has a significant impact on the subsequent process and the quality of the fabric, so it must be removed. Reducing sudden yarn defects can be carried out from the following five aspects.

Reasonable configuration of process parameters

Carding process: Regularly check the tension state and wear of the draft toothed belt and the coiled toothed belt, and adjust the coil tension reasonably. While reducing the congestion of the coiler, it can reduce the probability of breakage of the drawing guide frame. For example, when the pre-spinning carding fine-count production line is changed to the thick-count production line in the air spinning workshop, the relationship between the basis weight, speed and web tension is adjusted through process optimization, which reduces the number of carding breaks and joints, and improves the carding production efficiency. , Which not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also improves the quality of semi-finished slivers.best POCKET FABRIC-DADITEXTILE

Coarsing process: appropriately reducing the nip spacing, roller center distance, and draft ratio of the rear zone of the drawing and roving is beneficial to reduce the CV value of the spun yarn, but the prerequisite is the holding force, drafting force, and guiding force Synchronous development with control force, normal drafting, to prevent bad drafting caused by poor roving process, defects of drafting elements and pressure mechanism. Therefore, it is necessary to seek an optimal combination of the nip distance of the draw frame and the roving, the center distance of the roller, the draft ratio of the rear zone and the total draft ratio.

Strengthen operation management

First of all, do a good job of cleaning and tidying to reduce the impact on the quality of the yarn due to the dirty machine, the fly attached to the yarn, the winding mechanism, etc. If the machine is badly cleaned, it may cause occasional yarn defects. It is necessary to grasp two aspects of work: on the one hand, strict cleaning management, some varieties must break the traditional method, implement the cyclic cleaning method, that is, do it in shifts, do it all the time, and keep the machine channel clean and free of flowers. On the other hand, strengthen the management of cleaning tools, use the tools correctly, strictly clean the operation method, eliminate the phenomenon of pat, beat, fan, and blow, and reduce the occurrence of yarn defects. When spinning pure polyester or blended products, due to the polyester chemical fiber oil-containing agent, the yarn channel is easy to accumulate oil, easy to entangle, and cause the sliver to fluff. The draw frame is easy to block the bell mouth and the inclined pipe of the coil, so it must be regularly maintained and scrubbed to ensure that the passage is smooth and free of blockage.

Secondly, it is necessary to vigorously improve the operation level of the shifter, strengthen operation training and knowledge training, strengthen the operation tour, improve the initiative, enthusiasm and regularity of the operation, and pay attention to preventing defects in the tour operation. Strictly reverse inspection and implement anti-defect and defect assessment. In addition, the operation management must take care of errors and exceptions in the production process.

Strengthen equipment maintenance and overhaul

In terms of equipment, focus on scrubbing the passages of each process. Whether it is starting the machine or stopping the machine, it must be maintained in place on a periodic basis, and it must be intact, so that the quality can be guaranteed at any time. The pros and cons of equipment operating conditions directly affect the improvement of product quality. In the production process, sometimes due to the wear of bearings, gears, etc., quality problems such as detail and dry yarn may occur. It is necessary to strengthen the periodic maintenance and daily maintenance of the main equipment. Each branch and each section must strictly follow the company's maintenance cycle, formulate a monthly operation plan, and carry out equipment maintenance in accordance with the operation plan. Each branch factory and work section conducts monthly inspection and assessment of maintenance machines according to the responsible person and operation plan. The company puts forward corresponding requirements according to the inspection situation every month, and supervises and guides the inspection work of the branch plant and work section.

Strengthen temperature and humidity management

The temperature and humidity control of each process should meet the requirements of fiber absorption and desorption in the spinning process, so that the fiber is in the process of dehumidification from opening and cleaning to carding, from carding to roughness in the moisture absorption process, and from thick to fine yarn in the weakening process. Dehumidification process. Prevent high temperature and humidity in summer, and keep warm in winter. When parking for a long time before driving, the workshop should turn on the air conditioner in advance, and then drive after preheating. Strengthen the control of temperature and humidity, reduce the difference in temperature and humidity in the workshop, and prevent the fluctuation of temperature and humidity in the area or the extreme external environmental conditions from causing occasional yarn defects.

Reasonable setting of clearing parameters of winder

First of all, it is necessary to give full play to the function of the electronic yarn clearer in the winding process to remove yarn defects, but the production efficiency and labor and cost consumption must be considered. On the basis of ensuring the normal production efficiency of the winder, and setting the clearing parameters reasonably, the effect of removing harmful yarn defects will be better, and the quality requirements of users can be better met. Secondly, make good use of the 100,000-meter yarn defect detection data as the basis for adjusting the yarn clearing process.

In addition, for the removal of yarn defects, it is necessary to find the root causes of raw material yarn defects, draft yarn defects, and operation management yarn defects based on the distribution and quantity of 100,000 meters of yarn defects, and control them during the production process; but it cannot be completely controlled. Relying on the electronic clearer to remove yarn defects, it is necessary to determine the reasonable yarn quality according to the requirements of the fabric, and to find out the requirements of different fabrics for yarn defects to adjust the parameters of the electronic clearer to reduce the pressure of the electronic clearer.





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