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Fire Knowledge Training

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Fire Knowledge Trainingchina printed poly cotton fabric - DADITEXTILE

On July 4th, Dadi Textile invited Baoji Zhengan Fire Drill instructor to carry out fire safety training lecture in dadi textile, in order to further strengthen the staff's awareness of fire safety, fully popularize fire safety knowledge, and promote the fire safety publicity of factories and companies.

Before the training began, Manager Sun made a short training mobilization speech. Also participating in the training are the staff of the factory finishing shop.

Instructor Miao's profound explanation involves a series of fire safety knowledge, such as the formation process of fire, thecheap poly cotton dress fabric - DADITEXTILE method of self-rescue and escape, and the types and operation methods of fire extinguishers. In depth explained the cause of fire, how to prevent fire, fire escape basic knowledge, and personally demonstrated the correct use of fire extinguishers and how to correctly alarm. He not only taught everyone all kinds of safety knowledge about fire prevention in theory, but also cited a large number of real cases in real life, with profound lessons and thought-provoking.

This lecture fire fighting knowledge is simple, citing the case thought-provoking, through the training, I plant staff to further enhance the awareness of fire fighting, master the basic fire fighting knowledge and fire fighting skills.





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