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Fire Safety Knowledge Training

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Fire Safety Knowledge

In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of the staff, to popularize the fire safety knowledge,to promote the factory and the company fire safety publicity work,on November 11th,Dadi Textile invited Baoji ZhengAn fire safety instructor,on the first floor of Dadi Textile Zhouyuan weaving Factory to carry out a fire safety training lecture.Before the start of the training, Sun,manager of Earth Textile,gave a brief training talk.At the same time, training staff and some factory employees were involved.

Instructor Bo's explanations are both simple and profound, including Heimlich first aid,CPR,the four abilities to use electrical appliances,the formation of a fire, methods of self-rescue and escape,and a wide range of fire safety knowledge such as the types of fire extinguishers and how to operate them. An in-depth explanation of the causes of fires,how to prevent them,and the basics of fire escape.Not only does he teach various safety lessons about fire prevention in theory,but he also lays out a large number of real-life cases that teach profound and thought-provoking lessons.

In this lecture, the knowledge of fire control is simple, and the examples are suggestive.. Through this training, our employees further enhance their firefighting awareness and acquire basic firefighting knowledge and skills.

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