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INTERTEXTILE shanghai accessories exhibition

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On October 9, 2021, China International Textile and Apparel and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Fashion Show and China International Textile and Apparel (Autumn and Winter) Fashion will be opened at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center.

As a large-scale customer clothing supplier integrating production, sales and service, Da Di Textile focuses on providing all kinds of textiles, clothing, and accessories. Classic products such as combed CVC style, combed jet stretch hot discussion and so on.

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The eagerness of the flow of people on the shuttle has pushed the explosive warm-up activities to a higher level one after another, gaining the strength that is widely recognized by customers and fashion visitors.

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An endless stream of customers and friends come to the Dadi Textile Exhibition to visit and understand. The on-site sales team received all the questions raised and answered them one by one, laying a good foundation for the signing of orders at that time and subsequent cooperation.

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The eager emotions of the flow of people shuttled back and forth, which pushed the topic activities to a climax again and again, and gained widespread recognition from customers and guests of the furniture exhibition.

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The end of the conference is just the beginning, a wonderful future. Looking forward to attending the recent appointment in the China International Textile Industry Outbound and Accessory Industry next year, we will bring you better, more caring, and more our products and services. A group of elites are overwhelmed, but there is no mistake due to their busyness. With the cooperation and help of colleagues, everything is going on at the end regardless of business. Colleagues around you, your hard work!


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