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Making the Perfect Fabric Lining for Your Pockets

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What is Pocket Lining fabric?

Whether you thought so or not, there is actually a fabric called pocket lining. It's just is to line and form pockets so everyone has a place to put their keys,billfold, and other small items.Generally,it comes in a neutral color as pockets have a more practical purpose and does not really contribute to the overall fashion statement you are trying to achieve.Also, it is broadcloth that is quite durable as well as being inexpensive.

Pocket Lining Fabric Content

There are probably two keys to finding and using pocket lining fabric or materials.The first one is that it should be soft and smooth. Since the pocket of a pair of pants or shorts may come in direct contact with the skin,you can avoid chaffing by going with this style.

The second key to selecting the right pocket lining content is to think about the user.If they are the type of person who puts a lot of objects into their pockets,then you should select a durable fabric to use.

That fabric should stand up to keys,pens,wallets,fingers and other objects that are routinely and frequently placed inside a pocket. Then matching exterior fabrics is a non-issue. Pocket Lining company - DADITEXTILE

The pocket lining is not usually visible so you have a lot of freedom to use whatever color or design you think fits the clothing item you are making. When making pockets, this may be an ideal time to get rid of scrap fabrics you have lying around and crowding up your storage space.

Pockets serve a very important purpose so it stands to reason that they be made of top quality material even though they are rarely seen.

The production of clothing pocket essentials

1. The production essentials of the pouch

Compared with the digging bag,the bag does not need to be cut on the garment piece, but the method of seeing the seam and inserting the bag can be implemented in the clothing seam and the separator seam.Under normal circumstances,the pouch is composed of three parts:the cloth bag made of pocket cloth,the pad bag cloth and the pull strip made of fabric.

Among them,when making inter-provincial pouches,the pocket size should be reserved in the process of collecting provinces.In general,it is necessary to ensure that the reverse seam of the pocket bit is greater than 0. 3 cm.On the opposite side of the garment piece,cut along the middle line of the province,leaving about 0 at the province tip.8 cm no longer cut,in order to effectively ensure that the tip can be more firm,and then the implementation of the provincial seam.Work with heat.After the reserved pocket position and the first two seams,respectively,the implementation of the seam strip and the front bag cloth,the back bag cloth,the cushion bag cloth seam work.Finally,the implementation of the ring bag cloth and sealing bag mouth will be completed.

In the process of implementation of trousers sidekicks to clear pants pockets into slant pocket and straight his pockets the two pockets,pockets all parts of the set inside the pants side seam,the front pocket cloth and stay in the trousers was fixed on the side seam part,after the bag fabric and cushion bag cloth in the trousers was fixed on the side seam,finally, circle cloth bag and sealed pockets is complete.

2. The production essentials of digging bag pockets

Double line refers to double pocket teeth pocket.This kind of pocket is in the shape of 1 cm in the width of the upper and lower have a 0. 5 cm pocket teeth.The manufacturing technology and essentials of double embedded wire are basically the same as those of single embedded wire.In the process of making a double embedded line,change the collection pad bag cloth into the pocket tooth can,in the collection of Shang pocket cloth,clip the pad bag cloth.Through double wire dig dug bag can become crescent,crescent dig bag shape is on the front of garment piece presents a crescent-shaped double wire bag,dig bag technology is similar to the double wire of bag essentials,in the process of bag cloth cutting teeth,inclined wire to use fabrics,so we can ensure the modelling of making good crescent double bag can soothe and natural.

3. The production essentials of the paste bag pocket

In the process of making Ming series line sticking bags,we should design the shape of sticking bags by ourselves,and use cardboard to make the net bag model.The size of the pocket is arbitrary,and the shape of the round square is also arbitrary.According to the net bag sample to cut the bag cloth,the pocket should be set aside for the edge, 3 cm, the rest of the edge should be set aside for the seam,1 cm.According to the net bag sample, net the seam and edge amount reserved in advance, and iron it flat.At this time,the corner seam at both ends of the bag edge is relatively thick,and the appropriate trimming can be implemented.In the garment piece bag position to prevent the buckling hot bag cloth, along the edge of the pocket,in addition to the edge of the edge,with 0. 1 cm clear line,the implementation of flat seam clamping.Finally, the stitched pockets are placed on the ironing table and smoothed.





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