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Pays attention to stability, Protects employment

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Baoji Dadi Textile Co., Ltd. resolutely implements the provincial and municipal requirements for epidemic prevention and control, performs epidemic prevention and control well, stabilizes production and operation, and practices corporate responsibility and responsibility.

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In their area of the town of zhouyuan earth textile production workshop, the reporter sees, under the premise of the workers for their own protection, is work overtime of production, in order to catch the production schedule, and return to work and production, Their district party committee, the district government, relevant prevention measures in strict accordance with the requirements, actively implement the director for the company, departments for supervision, Each workshop, each shift group as the main body, each employee as an individual "four" linked responsibility, strict implementation of normal prevention and control measures, to ensure the stability of the company's operation and production order.

The staff Li Shachuan said in an interview:"The basic is our dormitory, workshop is also regular disinfection, a little safer, during the work, is not only can get a stable income, but also can have a security."

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Liu Hongbing, general manager of Baoji Dadi Textile Co., LTD., pointed out in the interview:"Next, we will continue to strictly implement the normal epidemic prevention and control measures" to ensure stability and employment "and strive to complete the production target for the whole year, and make new contributions to the regional economic development of Chencang District.

At present, all staff of Baoji Dadi Textile Co., Ltd. are on duty. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention and control, the company adheres to both epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and strives to achieve the annual foreign trade production and sales target by catching up with the schedule and delivery date.


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