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Summer heat resistance, labor union brings cool

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In recent days, the continuous high temperature, unbearable heat, our staff are still fighting at the front line, with their sweat to ensure the continuous development of the company.  On the morning of July 29, the chairman of the trade union of the district gave a piece of cool water and daily necessities to the front-line workers of our company's Zhouyuan Weaving factory.  A cool, a care, a good heart, the district trade union reflects the "family" of the workers and caring.  

Summer heat resistance, labor union brings cool - DADITEXTILE

In recent days, the high temperature continues, the heat is unbearable, the majority of workers still stick to their posts, silently dedication.  Yesterday morning, the district labor union chairman and a group of leaders respectively led a team to visit and sympathize with the high temperature during the heat wave to stick to the line of ordinary workers, and through them to the majority of workers expressed condolences.  At present, it is the scorching heat. Workers from all walks of life, especially those fighting on the front line, are still working with dedication and dedication. They have made positive contributions to the construction of the city, the creation of a civilized city and the development of the industry.  All localities and departments should pay more attention to work safety, pay more attention to the work and life of workers, and ensure the stability and order of the people's work and life as well as social harmony and stability.  





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