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Textile technology calculation methods

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Textile technology calculation method

Warp dosage=total warp root number*(1+weaving shrinkage rate)*(1+twist shrinkage rate)*(1-pulp elongation rate)*(1+other process shrinkage rate)*D number/9000*(1+return Silk rate)

Weft amount=grey cloth weft density*outer width of reed*(1+shrinkage rate)*(1+shrinkage rate of other processes)*D number/9000*(1+return rate)

The square meter weight of the finished product (g/m2)={net dosage*(1+dyeing shrinkage)+weft net dosage*(1+weft shrinkage rate)}/finished product outer width

Weaving shrinkage ratio = grey fabric weft density * basic organization coefficient * (1 + warp and weft raw material unequal rate + crepe line increase rate) = finished product weft density / 1 + blank rate for dyeing

Daily output = (speed * 24 hours * 60 minutes) / weft density per meter * operating rate

Sizing rate = actual dosage * concentration * refractive index / kilometer silk weight * 100%

Silk weight in kilometer = number of warp yarns*D number/9000

Refractive index: polyester 90% nylon 88%

Grey cloth weight calculation method

Grey fabric specifications 190T polyester taffeta 68D*68D 20#*2 wear*30 shuttle door width 165cm

The billet rate of various water spray products (shrinkage)

Pure nylon silk fabric 5.7%

Pure polyester silk fabric 8.5%

Polyester knitted fabric 7.9% 7.9%

Nylon-cotton interwoven fabric 7.5%

Polyester and polyester-cotton blended yarn fabric 8.6%

Polyester and viscose blended yarn fabric 6.7%

Polyester warp and weft strong twist over 20T 10%

Warp elastic material shrinks by about 45%

FDY 7-8

DTY 8-10

The billet rate of various water spray products (weft shrinkage)

The weft direction is a polyester product, the weft shrinkage is generally about 10 (165-150), the weft is more than 150D plus 4-6, and the twist is about 6-8.

The weft direction is a cotton product, and the weft shrinkage is generally about 5-6

The weft direction is a product of cotton and ammonia, and the shrinkage is generally about 43 (208-145)

The smaller the super coarse loss

Nylon 15-18

Polyester 11-13

Elastic nylon 15-20

Low stretch polyester 10-14

Polyester cotton, polyester viscose yarn 8-10

Twisted polyester/cotton yarn 10-12

Note: The above algorithm is only applicable to non-twisted products. It is calculated as the weight in meters. Of course, the weight of twisted products can be applied. If the amount of raw materials is calculated by the weaving factory, the width of the weft should be at least +10cm, No need to add.

Calculation of textile raw material consumption

Definition: How many grams of warp and weft materials are needed to weave one meter of grey cloth?

1. Long fiber textiles

Warp dosage (g/m)=total warp roots*(D/9000)*1.1

Weft amount (g/m) = weft density of grey fabric * door width of machine * (D/9000) * 1.1

Or = finished weft density * finished width * (D/9000) * 1.1

Note: 1.1=1+10%, 10% is shrinkage rate + loss, generally FDY is 1.08, DTY is 1.12

Example 1. Polyester taffeta, with a door width of 168cm, 17 reeds, 3 threading, and 28 weft density of the grey fabric. Raw material: 63D FDY*63D FDY for raw material consumption

Solution: The amount of warp=168*17*3*63/9000*1.08=64.77g/m

Weft dosage=168*28*63/9000*1.08=35.56 g/m

That is, the theoretical Mick=64.77+35.56=100 g/m

Example 2: 75DFDY+100DDTY Five-piece satin 12#*5 in*166 grey cloth with 30 weft density 30 shuttles Seeking the amount of raw materials

Solution: The amount of warp=12*5*166*75/9000*1.08=89.64 g/m

Weft dosage=30*166*100/9000*1.12=61.97 g/m

2. Staple textiles

Warp dosage=0.64984*(warp density/warp yarn count)*width

Weft amount=0.64984*(weft density/weft yarn count)*width

Note: The short fiber can also be replaced by long fiber, and the long fiber formula is used to calculate, D=5315/S

Example 1. N-70D FDY*21S 133*72 59" find the amount of raw materials

Solution: The amount of warp=133*59*70/9000*1.08=65.91 g/m

Weft dosage=0.64984*72/21*59=131.4 g/m

Example 2. Warp: N-70D DTY + 30D spandex Weft: 30S cotton + 40D spandex 86*5859" find the amount of raw materials and the proportion of raw materials

Solution: Spandex has a shrinkage ratio, generally 30D spandex is calculated as 10-13D, 40D is calculated as 15-18D, 70D is calculated as 25D, and the shrinkage ratio is generally 3, such as 40/3=13.33, and 15-18.

The dosage of nylon=70*86*59/9000*1.12=44.2

The dosage spandex=86*59*13/9000*1.1=8.06

Weft amount cotton=58*59*5313/30/9000*1.1=74.1

Weft amount Spandex=58*59*18/9000*1.1=7.53

Spandex ratio = (8.06+7.53)/133.89=11.64%

Cotton ratio=74.1/133.89=55.36%

Nylon ratio=44.2/133.89=33%

3. Twisting textiles

Warp dosage=total warp roots*D/9000*1.1*(1+twisting shrinkage rate)*(1+steaming shrinkage rate)

Weft amount=grey fabric weft density * machine door width *D/9000*1.1*(1+twisting shrinkage rate)*(1+shrinkage rate)

(1) Twisting shrinkage rate

Twisting shrinkage ratio=0.0038*(T/mm)*(T/mm)*D

The multiple of D is based on 10D

The coefficient is not considered below 40D






130D has more than 120D multiples, each increase of 10D increases by 0.8

Such as 150D→11.1+3*0.8=13.5

Example 1, 75D FDY22T/2S2Z, find the twist shrinkage rate

Solution: Twisting shrinkage ratio=0.0038*2.2*2.2*(75/10-0.5)=12.87%

Example 2, 150D DTY 8T/2S2Z find the twist shrinkage rate

Solution: Twisting shrinkage ratio=0.0038*0.8*0.8*(11.1+2.4)=3.28%

(2) Steam shrinkage rate

The shrinkage rate is 2% below 10T/cm, 5% for 10-18T/cm, 6.5% above 18T/cm

Example: by-50D bright FDY10T/2S2Z

Weft-75D DTY+40D spandex 16T/2S2Z

On the machine 208*15#*5 weft density 30 shuttles. What is the amount of raw materials?

Solution: The amount of warp=208*15*5*50*1.08/9000** (1+5%)=100.07

Weft amount=208*30*1.12*(75+18)/9000**(1+5%)=82.18

Textile quotation

Sizing cost

Polyester FDY 0.03-0.04 yuan/parallel

DTY 0.04-0.05 yuan / combined

Nylon FDY 0.05-0.06 yuan / combined

4 and below 3 points 4-8 and 3.5 points 8 and above 4 points

4-8 points for 4.5 points 8 points or more 5 points for cotton 6-7 points

Batch warping

Parallel number = total number of warp roots/1680 roots (1680 is the maximum number of raw material packages in the upper row) Take an integer (only rounded)

Sectional warping

0.1-0.5 yuan/m (the maximum number of packages in the upper row is generally 800)

The low-elastic network wire is directly slitted and 0.06-0.1 yuan/m

For example, through 70D nylon FDY 168*17*2, ask: sizing fee.

Solution: 168*17*2/1680=4 and

4 and *0.05=0.2 yuan/m

Twisting cost

300 yuan/ton twist, special 600 yuan/ton twist

300 yuan/ton twist=0.0003 yuan/g twist

Twisting fee = amount of twisted yarn (g) * twist (T/CM) * 0.0003 yuan/g twist

For example, chiffon 75D FDY 20T/2S2Z*75D FDY 20T/2S2Z19#*2 into*175 weft density 28 shuttles. Ask for the twisting fee.

Solution: the amount of raw materials=175*(19*2+28)*75/9000*1.08*[1+0.0038*2*2*(75/10-0.5)]*(1+6.5%)=122.5g/m

Twisting fee=122.5*20*0.0003=0.735

03Weaving Quotation

Weaving quotation=grey cloth weft density*weaving fee (yuan/shuttle)

The cost of weaving is related to the difficulty of weaving of the variety and the loom

Reference for weaving cost of water jet products

1. Polyester taffeta, pongee, etc.

170T, 180T, 190T, 210T 0.01-0.015 yuan/shuttle

240T, 260T, 290T, 310T 0.015-0.025 yuan/shuttle

370T, 380T, 390T, 400T 0.025-0.035 yuan/shuttle

The extinction is higher than the semi-gloss variety by 0.005 yuan/shuttle

2. Peach skin, Huayao, Satin, etc.

0.02-0.03 yuan/shuttle (encrypted varieties plus 0.01 yuan/shuttle)

3. Varieties with large circulation, strong twist, and elasticity

0.03-0.05 yuan/shuttle

4. The cost of weaving for air-jet varieties refers to nylon cotton, cotton nylon, etc.

0.05 yuan/shuttle (plus 0.01-0.02 yuan/shuttle for thick warp and weft threads or dense ones)

Metal wire cloth, double-layer cloth

0.15-0.2 yuan/shuttle

5. Reference for weaving costs of shuttle looms

Plain cloth, poplin

0.02-0.03 yuan/shuttle

Example: 170T polyester taffeta 61D FDY*61D FDY finished product 150cm 166*17#*2 Raw materials: 14,000/ton

Solution: Raw material price: 165/2.54*150*61/9000*1.08=71.33g/m*1.014=1 yuan/m

Note: Due to fierce competition, the 170T polyester taffeta market is generally less than 170, only 165.

The front price is 166*17*2/1680=3.4 which is 4 in parallel 4*0.03=0.12 yuan/m

Weaving price: According to 0.01, 26*0.01=0.26 yuan/m;

Calculated by 0.015, 26*0.015=0.39 yuan/m

Grey cloth price=1+0.12+0.26=1.38 yuan/m or 1+0.12+0.39=1.51 yuan/m





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