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"To build Bridges with overseas Chinese, gather strength for development"

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"To build Bridges with overseas Chinese, gather strength for development" -- the city overseas Chinese federation visited our Zhouyuan weaving factory to visit and investigate . On June 29th, Chairman Chen and Vice Chairman Zhu of the Chamber of Commerce of Overseas Chinese Federation of Shanghai visited Zhouyuan Weavers Factory with more than 20 overseas Chinese businessmen. Chairman Liu Hongbing warmly received the visit.  

This research mainly "to bypass, gather strength development, service members, contribute to society" for the purpose, make full use of overseas Chinese talents in the business, contact a wide range of unique role, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, for the member to provide policy consultation, information exchange, research training, and other forms of service, guide the members participate in the social public interest and support overseas business,  To make due contributions to the great development of the Chinese nation.  Chairman Liu Hongbing expressed that he would strongly support the cause of Overseas Chinese Federation and make a modest contribution to the development of overseas Chinese businessmen in public welfare undertakings.

                         To build Bridges with overseas Chinese- DADITEXTILEgather strength for development- DADITEXTILE

During the visit, Mr. Liu introduced the company's operation, research and development, company's products, technology, after-sales service and later development plan in detail. In particular, he explained the technical and technological level of our new equipment. The equipment uses CAN bus to link with all types of models and uses processor and database management system.  To realize the combination of air jet loom and server automatic control software network monitoring, equipment online monitoring, the production of high quality products, products in the domestic and foreign markets have been unanimously praised!  

Mr. Chen and Mr. Zhu, the president of the city association of overseas Chinese, fully affirmed the development of our company and praised the products produced by our Zhouyuan weaving factory.  





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