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Washing and maintenance of cotton clothing

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Cotton clothes are comfortable to wear, but will you wash and maintain them correctly? Here are some life hacks for you:

Washing method of cotton clothes

1. Cotton clothing should be thoroughly washed before wearing.

2. 100% cotton fabric alkali resistance is not acid resistance, washing with ordinary washing powder, soap can be hand washed or machine washed.

3. It is better not to use washing machine for cotton and linen clothes.Cotton and linen have a soft texture. If you use the washing machine to stir them vigorously, they will easily become deformed and wrinkled. In serious cases, the clothes will be washed badly.

4. When washing black cotton or linen clothes, add strong coffee or tea to the last rinse water to make some faded clothes look as black as ever. But only cotton and linen black cloth.

Drying method for cotton clothing

1. Before drying, it can be shaken dry by washing machinebest brown cotton twill fabric - DADITEXTILE

2. When drying, try to pull the clothes flat and turn the clothes side out.

3. 100% cotton clothing is easy to wrinkle. When it is dried in the sun, take it off, fold it and press it.

4. Some cotton dyes are particularly sensitive to sunlight and easy to fade due to excessive exposure, especially blue, purple and pink, which need to be especially careful, so as to turn over and air.

How to remove common stains on cotton clothing?

Be aimed at all sorts of different besmirch, we can use a few small doohickey, clean with a few common articles, neither damage clothing, still can let clothing reply original burnish.

1. Clean blood stains (ginger slices + sulfur soap)

Bloody clothing should be washed immediately, even with simple soap. But if the blood stain is not so easy to clean for a long time, you can scrub the blood stain with ginger slices, rinse with water, and then clean the unwashed place with sulfur soap, and then clean with cold water, so repeatedly knead and wash until clean.

2. Clean ice cream stains (cold water cleaning)

Do not accidentally get ice cream with hot water to wash, you can first use laundry detergent + cold water fully soaked, about half an hour, the stain will slowly recede, if there are still stains can continue to soak in cold water cleaning.

3. Clean red wine stains (milk + fresh lotus root juice)

Although red wine is nourishing, but it is also very bad to clean the stains. First use boiled milk to wipe the stains, and then wash them with cold water, and then use fresh lotus root juice to wash the stains. The stains will slowly fade, and then soak them in cold water for ten minutes, and then clean them with clean water.

4. Clean lipstick stains (white wine + detergent)

Lipstick is also the most common and the most headache stains, you can use cotton ball with a little white wine gently wipe stains, and then use warm water to dilute detergent soak clothes, about 20 minutes, with cold water rinse clean.

5. Clean sweat stains (vinegar + salt water)

Summer is easier to sweat, will make clothes yellow, but also leave ugly sweat stains, vinegar can be sprinkled in sweat stains, rub and wash, soak in salt water, about 1 hour with cold water washing.

6. Clean milk stains (glycerin)

First, wash off the milk stains on the floating surface with cold water, then dilute the glycerin with heated water at a ratio of 1:5 and soak the clothes, soak them for 20 minutes and wash them with water.

7. Clean ballpoint pen mark (toothpaste + alcohol)

Rub with toothpaste and water on the ballpoint mark, rinse with cold water, then wipe with diluted alcohol on the mark, rinse with cold water and leave to dry.

Maintenance of cotton clothing

1. Fold and iron with steam iron at medium temperature. When printing and dyeing cotton fabrics are ironed, they should be ironed on the opposite side to maintain bright color for a long time.

2. After washing dyed clothes, fading phenomenon often occurs. If the clothes are washed and then rinsed in clean water with two cups of beer, the fading parts can be recolored.

3. Cotton clothing is easy to absorb moisture. When stored, it should be placed in the wardrobe to avoid the erosion of moisture and acid gas.

4. Light-colored cotton fabrics will gradually turn yellow after washing for a long time. Add detergent in water, cook for 20-30 minutes, and then rub with clean water to restore the original appearance.

5. Sunlight causes oxidation of cotton goods. And make white cotton fabric yellow brittle

6. Acid will erode cotton fabric, similar to juice and other acidic substances contaminated with cotton fabric, it is best to immediately treat with water, so as to avoid stains stay too long and difficult to remove.

7. The white clothes of cotton qualitative wash more yellow how to do, small clever move: boil water with big pot, join washing powder, immerse the clothes, burn boil about 30 minutes, assure white clean.





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