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C 60*60 90*88 57/58"" FINISHED FABRIC

  • 100%COTTON 

  • 60X60

  • 90x88 

  • plain 

  • Pocket,Shirt,Bedding,Dress,Garment,Lining



Place of Origin Shaanxi, China
Grey Width 63"
Finished Width


Style Semi-combed quality
Machine Air-jet Loom,Shuttle loom, Rapier loom
Packing packed in rolls or bales or according to customer’s requirement
Delivery Time Within 20-30days after received deposit

Nature has given cotton qualities that make it’s a smoother, softer and more comfortable choice.  Among all fabrics, Cotton is the most widely used fabric. Cotton Fabrics is best used in summers because of its light weight and it is very comfortable (stay cool in summer with cotton clothes). Cotton is Hypoallergenic.This Fabricis cheaper as compared to other fabrics.

Cotton 60-40 is not that expensive and still holds good quality. It is best used for making women clothes like dresses and Kurtis. Extremely durable, clothes made out of cotton 60/40 fabric have been known to last a lifetime. Apparel made today with cotton 60-40 fabric is usually treated with a DWR finish to help with water repellent and can be continually retreated over the life of the garment. Clothes made from this fabric have fine finishing. Cotton 60-40 is skin friendly and has great texture.

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 100% COTTON fabric 

Cotton is a luxuriously comfortable material that has a charm of its own. As one of the softest fabrics, cotton is well suited for clothing and other items we use in our daily lives.

  • Comfortable. Fabric made out of cotton is very soft and comfortable. It is one of the best fabrics for hot weather. It stays cool in summer and allows you to keep your zen throughout the day.

  • Durable. Although it’s not as tough as polyester, cotton is a relatively strong and wear-and-tear resistant fabric.

  • Biodegradable. This material is renewable and biodegradable. However, it is extremely water-intensive and consumes more pesticides than any other single crop.

  • Breathable. Due to its breathability, absorbency, and hypoallergenic nature, cotton is often used for custom underwear, socks, and other garments that are worn close to the skin.

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 100% Cotton Fabric Application Curtain, Dress, Garment, Lining, Shirt, Toy, SKIRTS- DADITEXTILE

The world's favorite natural fiber has a wide range of applications. Due to its versatility, beauty and comfort, cotton is an ideal choice for apparel, bedding, textiles, and many other products. Whether we know it or not, it’s part of our daily lives.

Common uses:

  • Clothing. Cotton is a popular fabric that is used to make various clothing. It is frequently used for t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, dresses, and many other items.

  • Woven Fabrics. This material is used to make a variety of woven fabrics – denim, damask, flannel, and more.

  • Bed Sheets and Bedding. Perfect for the bedroom. Cotton is an affordable luxury – breathable, soft, and easy to care for.

  • Towels and Washcloths. Cotton is highly absorbent, which makes it ideal for towels.

  • Underwear. Since cotton is breathable and provides greater airflow, it’s a comfy choice for undergarments.

  • Home Décor. Attractive throughout the home. Well suited for curtains, carpets, rugs, upholstery, and much more.

  • Cottonseed Oil. Cottonseed is a byproduct of the cotton production process. The seeds are used to manufacture cottonseed oil, which can be used to make salad oil. It can also be used in soap, candles, cosmetics, and more.

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Team Advantage

1. Quick Response

 We will answer immediately or within 8 hours.

2. Professional foreign trade operators

3. Quality assurance:

There will be QC to follow each order, from the order placed to the finished.

strict standards for every procedure in the workshop.

QC will inspect fabric 20% to 30% of the total bulk before loading

4. Efficient Delivery:

 Sampling time:2 working days.

Delivery time: 15 -20 days for regular order

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