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Cotton fabric have several characteristics

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cotton/polyester fabric:

Various fabrics made of polyester staple and cotton blended yarns.  Commonly known as cotton dacron.  There are khaki, poplin, plain cloth, fine spinning, yarn and yarn-dyed products.  It has the advantages of clean and crisp appearance, wearability, durability, stable size, easy to wash and quick to dry, but its moisture absorption and air permeability are slightly worse than pure cotton fabric.  Suitable for making all kinds of clothing.  The most common ratio of polyester/cotton blends is 65/35, and there are also 50/50, 35/65, 80/20, etc.  The commonly used 13.1 size (45 inch) polyester/cotton blended yarn is generally made of 1.5 denier, 38 mm polyester sliver, which is blended and spun with combed cotton sliver. 

 Advantages of polyester cotton fabric:  cheap poly cotton fabric company - DADITEXTILE

Polyester (polyester) itself has super wear resistance, we all know that the strength and wear resistance of cotton fabric is relatively lack, it and cotton blended chemical fiber fabric can greatly improve the wear resistance of cotton.  Secondly, polyester cotton has good stability. It is not easy to shrink or deform after washing or pulling. There is no very important place to pay attention to when cleaning.  

Polyester/cotton fabrics have a soft touch and excellent moisture absorption, which is one of the reasons why polyester/cotton garments are particularly comfortable.  Therefore, polyester/cotton fabric is also suitable for the production of close-fitting clothing, such as T-shirts, leggings and underwear that we wear.  Polyester cotton prices will be lower than pure cotton, can be said to be a particularly good cost-effective cloth.  

Disadvantages of polyester/cotton fabric:  

Polyester/Cotton fabric does not have too many defects. Compared with Cotton, its air permeability and comfort are slightly worse. However, it is difficult to tell the difference after making clothes.  

The difference between polyester/cotton fabric and cotton-polyester fabric:  

Although both polyester and cotton-polyester fabrics are blended by polyester and cotton fibers, they are by no means the same kind of fabric.  Cotton/polyester is a blended fabric with cotton fiber as the main part and polyester as the auxiliary part.  .  "Polyester-cotton" fabric refers to the composition of polyester accounting for more than 60%, cotton composition is less than 40%;  "Cotton polyester" is on the contrary, refers to the composition of cotton in more than 60%, polyester composition in less than 40%.  Cotton/polyester fabric is not as strong and wear-resistant as polyester/cotton fabric, but it has better moisture absorption and the price is the same as pure cotton fabric.  




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