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Cotton pocket fabric: there are five kinds of cotton fabrics

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The introduction of the five kinds of the cotton pocket fabric:

1. Linen yarncotton pocketing fabric stock - DADITEXTILE

Hemp yarn is usually woven with the weft-weighted flat weave in the plain weave change structure, and it is also woven with other change weaves. It is woven with fine special cotton yarn or polyester-cotton yarn, and the warp yarn has a higher twist than the weft yarn, and is also higher than the normal warp yarn used for plain cloth, so the fabric has the characteristics of being as cool as hemp fabric. The surface of the fabric shows fine stripes of varying width in the longitudinal direction. This material is light and thin, with clear stripes, cool and breathable, and comfortable to wear. There are bleaching, dyeing, printing, yarn-dyed, jacquard and other varieties. Used as summer men's and women's shirts, children's clothes, skirts and other fabrics.

      2. Henggong

Heng Gong is also called horizontal satin, which is woven with weft satin weave. Its characteristic is that the ratio of weft density to warp density is about 5:3. Therefore, most of the fabric surface is covered by weft yarns. All cotton warp and weft yarns are combed. The surface of the fabric is smooth, soft to the touch, rich in luster, and tightly structured. Dyed Henggong is mainly used as the fabric for women's and children's work clothes. In addition to the fabric for women's and children's work clothes, the printed Henggong is also used as a quilt and quilt cover.

3. Oxford cloth

Oxford cloth is woven with the weft-weight flat or square flat weave in the plain weave structure. Its characteristics are that one of the warp and weft yarns is polyester-cotton yarn, the other is pure cotton yarn, and the weft yarn is combed; the fine warp and thick weft are used, and the number of weft yarns is generally about 3 times that of the warp yarns, and the polyester-cotton yarns are dyed into colored yarns. , Pure cotton yarn is bleached. The fabric has soft color, soft body, good air permeability, comfortable wearing, and two-color effect. Mainly used as fabrics for shirts, sportswear and pajamas.

4. corduroy

Corduroy is woven with raised tissue. Since learning to use the weft raising method, the surface of the fleece is like a strip of rushes, so it is called corduroy. According to the materials used, it can be divided into full corduroy (single yarn for both warp and weft), half corduroy (strand for warp and single yarn for weft) and full corduroy (single yarn for both warp and weft).

The raw materials used are pure cotton, polyester cotton, spandex core-spun yarn and so on. According to the processing technology, there are different varieties such as dyeing, printing, yarn-dyed, jacquard and so on. According to the number of piles per 2.54cm (1 inch) wide fabric, it can be divided into extra-fine corduroy (≥19), thin corduroy (15-19), medium corduroy (9-14) ), thick striped corduroy (6-8 strips) and wide striped corduroy (<6 strips) and other specifications. The fabric has plump velvet, thick texture, abrasion resistance and good warmth retention. Mainly used as spring, autumn and winter men's and women's overalls, shirts, skirts, jeans, children's clothing, shoes and hats, etc.

5.down cloth

Down cloth is also called anti-flannel and anti-feather cloth. Its characteristic is that the warp and weft of the fabric are both combed fine special yarns, and the warp density and weft density of the fabric are higher than those of ordinary fabrics, which can prevent the down fiber from drilling outside. The raw material used is pure cotton or polyester cotton. It is generally woven with plain weave. According to different processing methods, there are usually two kinds of bleaching and dyeing, and the latter is more. There are also printed varieties. The down fabric has a compact structure, flat light method, rich luster, smooth hand, firm texture, breathable and down-proof. Mainly used as mountaineering clothes, ski clothes, down work clothes, jackets, duvet fabrics, etc.




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