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cotton twill vs cotton canvas

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What Is Canvas and Canvas Fabric Properties?

Canvas is a heavy-duty plain-weave fabric that is popular for its water resistance. Canvas was originally popularized as a helpful sailcloth material and an outstanding painting medium. It is now used to make tent material, casual shoes, and fancy purses.

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Canvas Fabric Properties

  • Canvas is tightly woven in a simple plain-weave design with thick yarn.

  • The thread count of most canvas is 50 to 100.

  • It is known for its durability and smoothness.

  • The material has a certain level of stretchability.

  • It has high heat retention ability but low breathability.

  • Canvas is naturally water-resistant, and polyvinyl chloride is often used in modern industrial canvas.

  • Canvas cloth for painting is subjected to various post-production processes.

What Is Twill and Twill Fabric Properties?

Twill is one of the three major forms of textile weaves. The diagonal rib pattern is a distinguishing feature of the twill weave. Twill weaves have a distinct, darker-colored front side and a lighter-colored reverse side. Cotton and polyester, or a combination of the two, are the most commonly used fibers for twill weaves.

Twill has a high thread count, which implies it is opaque, thick, and long-lasting. Twill textiles are rarely printed on; however, one can achieve motifs such as tweed and houndstooth by combining multiple colored yarns. The 2/2 twill weave is a typical form of weave in which two warp threads cross every two weft threads.

Twill Fabric Properties

  • The term twill refers to the weave or structure of a      fabric.

  • The diagonal lines are called a wale to distinguish      a twill weave.

  • Twill is a fairly durable fabric.

  • Satin and plain weave, on the other hand, feature      straight patterns.

  • One of the most well-known applications of twill      cloth is in the production of denim jeans.

  • It originally used cotton to make twill clothing and      home textiles.

  • Twill fabric is available in a wide range of colors,      thread counts, and styles, and it is well-known for its draping abilities.

Canvas Vs Twill

Comparison    Properties



Uses (for)

It is used for multiple things like sails, tents,   jackets, upholstery covers, art supplies, backpacks, shoes, or bags.

It is used to design denim, slacks, shirts, bedding,   upholstery fabrics, and home decor items.

Originated from

This was first produced in Italy.

It is linked to multiple countries.


It is made of plain-weave cotton or linen and treated   with PVC or gesso.

It is made of either organic or synthetic fabric   fibers.

Thread count

The typical thread count is 50-100.

The typical thread count is 100-500.


It has low breathability.

It has medium breathability.

Heat retention

It has high heat retention abilities.

It has medium heat retention abilities.


It is highly durable.

It is comparatively less durable.


Canvas is available in multiple weights, right from   light to heavy.

It is mostly designed to be lightweight.


It has a high moisture-wicking ability.

It depends on the material used in the making.


It depends on the material used in designing.

It has low stretchability.

Care and Maintenance

It is simple to maintain and can be washed with medium   to hot water.

It is also simple to maintain, and washing depends on   the material base.


It is perfect for all-weather as it is not used for   wearable designing.

It is also used in all weather.


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