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Differences between digital printing and traditional printing

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What is textile digital printing?

Digital printing refers to printing using digital technology. Digital printing technology is gradually formed with the continuous development of computer technology, a set of machinery, computer electronic information technology as one of the high-tech products. The emergence of this technology and continuous improvement, to the textile printing and dyeing industry brought a new concept.

The production process of digital printing is simply through various digital means, such as: Digital photos, images, or computer scanning, processing a variety of digital design input computer, and then after processing by computer pink printing system, by a special software for the various special dye directly spray the spray printing system will be printed on various plants or other media, and then after processing, to gain the required in all kinds of textile fabrics printing products of various kinds of high precision.cambric cotton fabric stock - DADITEXTILE

The difference with the traditional textile printing process

1. Short production cycle

Digital printing gets rid of the traditional printing process of color separation, sketch, production and network, thus greatly shortening the production time, a dress can be printed in 2-4 minutes.

2. The principle of digital printing technology makes its products break the traditional production of color and length of the flower, can make the textile fabrics to achieve high-grade printing effect.Digital printing technology can be adopted digital design, through the computer color measurement, color, spray printing, so as to make the color of digital printing products can theoretically reach 16.7 million kinds, break through the traditional textile and dyeing pattern tinted limits, especially in the color gradient, moire pattern of high precision printing, digital printing in technology but also has the incomparable advantage.

3.The digital printing production really realizes the small batch, the quick response production process, the production batch is not subject to any restriction. Digital printing production process all realize computerized digital production, so as to greatly improve the production sensitivity, some products can even achieve same-day delivery, station and other desirable. Due to the application of computer technology, the printing of a series of different colors of the same pattern and the designer's continuous modification of patterns and colors in the production process have become a major technological advantage of digital printing production from the traditional printing production.

4. Rich visual color

Digital printing technology is through the digital control of the nozzle, in the dye parts, according to the need to spray the corresponding dye micro points, many small points quickly into the required pattern, to achieve visual color consistency and realistic pattern. Traditional printing for the color saturation and level of the bright performance is relatively poor, for some moire is also more difficult to grasp.

5. Reserve process file

All the data and process plan needed in the digital printing process are stored in the computer to ensure the reproducibility of printing. In the traditional production of circular screen printing, the preservation of archives is a headache. The storage of flower draft and circular net takes up a lot of space, which wastes manpower and material resources, and the effect of preservation is not very good.

6. Green production

Digital printing belongs to green production mode, jet printing process does not use water, do not need to modulate color slurry, no waste color slurry, low noise. Traditional printing requires a large amount of water, resulting in waste liquid, waste water, waste pulp to produce a great pollution to the environment.

Where can textile digital printing be used?

Digital printing is mainly used in some personalized, small batch, rapid response and high environmental protection requirements of the category and printing and dyeing production company proofing. After the subdivision of the industry now has the following categories:

1. Clothing design and printing

For fashion designers,It is very important to master the process of fashion design. At present, in the process of fashion design, fashion designers can only master the design of digital printing style of clothing, while in the picture design of clothing fabric, they usually passively choose ready-made picture fabrics in shopping malls. It is often difficult to find a picture fabric that fully conforms to one's design personality and conception.

2. All kinds of personalized travel souvenirs and craft gifts

Digital printing skill characteristics, making in all kinds of textile fabric printing all kinds of high precision picture possible, so on textiles printing small batch is similar to Chinese painting, Chinese and foreign famous paintings, photography works, reached or approached advanced printing picture, it will expand the scope of textile printing products, improved the level of the goods.

3. Personalized interior decoration, home textiles

With the development of digital printing skills, textile production has completed the opportunity to directly face their own consumer shopping malls. Designers can design decorative textiles for customers together with the supply of house decoration design. Through digital printing skills, real "personalized home" and "one to one" on-demand production can be completed.

4. Production of other special textiles

The characteristics of digital printing skills enable it to meet the needs of some special areas, such as film and television stage clothing, such as small batch, high request, short production cycle request.





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