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Exploring Different Types of Combed Cotton Drapery Fabrics

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What kind of fabric is combed cotton

Combed cotton is a fiber fabric that is long and neat after removing the shorter fiber (less than 1CM) in the cotton fiber by a searching machine.The cotton fiber combed by a combing machine will be cleaner than other fabric fibers. Meanwhile, combed cotton fabric is softer, more robust, and more durable than ordinary cotton, a safe and practical standard fabric.The advantages of combed cotton fabric: under normal circumstances, the production of combed cotton needs to go through multiple strict production processes, while the details are in line with the standard.After the combing machine searching, cotton fiber more smooth and smooth, which is fewer impurities, and not easy to knot cotton; the dyeing color effect is also good.Compared with ordinary cotton fabric, combed cotton fabric is more compact and detailed, and the material made of combed cotton has a higher quality texture, toughness, and durability. Ordinary cotton is easy to deform and shrink, and combed cotton generally appears outside this situation. Combed cotton has good moisture absorption, air permeability, heat preservation, environmental protection,etc.Combed Cotton Drapery Fabrics

The advantages of combed cotton fabric

1.The tolerance of combed cotton is better than cotton, combed cotton fabric is durable and washable, and the selection is good quality cotton, so the fabric is challenging to pill.

2.The opposite of combing is general combing, a textile process in which the combed cotton yarn is smoother, and the woven cloth does not have cotton knots.

3.Its cotton is dense, soft, and solid and often used to produce cardigan shirts and other clothing.

4.Good moisture absorption and air permeability are prominent features of combed yarn.The fabric is very comfortable after wearing and easy to maintain clothes. This kind of fabric is gradually becoming popular.

The difference between combed cotton and pure cotton

1.Combed cotton is through the use of a combed machine to remove the long impurity fiber in the cotton fiber so that the fiber becomes neat; after the completion of weaving is more exquisite, the density distribution will be more uniform.This leads to one of the characteristics of combed cotton, which is thicker and more durable than pure cotton. So durability, and the thickness of the material, is a difference between combed cotton and pure cotton.

2.The second difference is the smooth feeling of the surface, although, from the surface, there is no other difference in the color of the two; they are white and are very gentle. But in the sense of touch, combed cotton due to the reason of the process, its touch or dominant.We can use this method when we distinguish. Pure cotton material will be easier to fill; this is the defect of pure cotton material.

3.Easy to deformation and shrinkage, which is also a disadvantage of pure cotton material, because there is space in the material; under the influence of temperature and force will be easy to deform; combed cotton is not a problem.

4.The price of combed cotton will be higher than pure cotton.According to the price, judging the material is also a good way.

5.From the perspective of applied clothing, combed cotton will be used more in close-fitting clothing, such as underwear lining, cotton socks, or some expensive clothing fabrics.

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Which is better, combed cotton or pure cotton?

Combed cotton itself is a kind of cotton.Combed cotton here refers to a textile technology. Generally, there are two kinds of searched and coarse-combed yarn.So,of course, choosing combed cotton is the best. It feels good, durable, and comfortable.





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