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How can textile industry take the road of green biological manufacturing?

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Under the background of double carbon, how can textile industry take the road of green biological manufacturing?

Using modern biotechnology and bio-based raw materials, a batch of new textile fabrics and textile products, which are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable, have been developed and become the highlights in the transformation and upgrading of the textile and apparel industry, representing the new trend of industry development.

At present, the use of efficient new textile technology, new technology development of textile materials continue to appear, biotechnology is also in the role of new textile materials are increasingly concerned and attention of the industry.

In recent years, the research and application of biotechnology in new textile materials at home and abroad has developed rapidly, which is promoting the sustainable development of green manufacturing industry.

Textile industry urgently needs to solve the problem of high energy consumption and low output

In China "double carbon" and deepening "area" under the background of international strategic framework, in the next five to 10 years, textile and clothing industry will enter a new development strategy, how to seize the multiple opportunities for development, use of modern biotechnology, to speed up research and development in line with the green development of new materials, new products, satisfy the requirement of ecological environmental protection, At the same time, it can meet the multi-level and diversified consumer demand of the domestic market, which is a major task in front of the industry.white shirt materia stock - DADITEXTILE

So, under "heavy pressure", how should the textile industry do?

In recent years, high energy consumption in the textile and garment industry has been improved with the continuous improvement of equipment automation and the research and promotion and application of key technologies of energy saving and emission reduction.

According to statistics, in 2020, the energy consumption of industrial added value per unit of enterprises above designated size in the textile industry will be reduced by 18%, carbon dioxide emission intensity will be reduced by 22%, water consumption will be reduced by 23%, and the total amount of recycled textile fiber will reach 12 million tons.

Accelerate the development and dissemination of high-efficiency textile biotechnology

At present, China's textile industry according to the new idea of green development, focus on the direction of cleaner, more economical resources and energy development. Especially in recent years, through collaborative innovation, the industry has comprehensively accelerated the r&d and application of clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction, and comprehensive utilization of resources, accelerated the r&d and promotion of efficient textile biotechnology, and gradually established and developed a circular economy system.

So, in terms of efficient textile biotechnology, what technologies are included, and how do these technologies reduce energy consumption and pollution in the textile industry?

The expert introduces, biological technology is to point to all sorts of research method that uses biology and means, application advanced biological engineering technology produces the material that applies to all sorts of specific requirements, realize the purpose that serves for each profession finally a kind of new interdisciplinary technology.

With the rapid development of biotechnology, its application in textile industry is becoming more and more extensive, and has achieved ideal results. Modern biotechnology is represented by bionic engineering, gene engineering, cell engineering and enzyme engineering.

Textile biotechnology is an important direction in the field of textile energy saving and emission reduction technology, including the application of biological enzymes in textile processing, the development and application of new bio-based fibers, the dyeing and functional modification of natural pigments on textiles, textile style finishing and so on. These technologies all use bio-based raw materials, which are environmentally friendly and easy to biodegrade, causing little or no pollution to the environment.

At present, China's textile and apparel industry of energy conservation and emissions reduction technologies, have been in the industrial chain each link more development and application, such as textile dyeing and printing links cold transfer printing technology, disperse dye waterless dyeing technology, supercritical carbon dioxide dyeing technology, inkjet printing technology, etc., these techniques can significantly reduce textile processing after water and drainage, achieve the goal of cleaner production, It shows the prospect of development and application of biotechnology in textile material field.

Many problems need to be solved through collaborative innovation

With the continuous improvement of human environmental protection and safety and healthawareness, the environmental pollution caused by textile printing and dyeing and the impact of various harmful substances left by textile and clothing on human health have attracted more and more attention from all over the world.woven cotton fabric for sale - DADITEXTILE

At present, the use of biotechnology, not only effectively improve the existing shortcomings of textile raw materials, but also according to the need to develop new fibers suitable for textile production, broaden the field of raw materials, for the research and development of fiber materials and new products in the future opened up a new way.

China for various performance cowboy clothing of ecological products, put forward more higher requirement, application of enzyme treatment of printing and dyeing residues technology, not only effectively solves the problem of dyeing residue, but also greatly improved the appearance of the fabric handle, with light and comfortable, elastic, environmental protection, health and other characteristics, complied with the clean production and energy-saving environmental protection is a global trend.

As a kind of energy saving and environment-friendly auxiliary agent, biological enzyme preparation is playing an increasingly important role in textile printing and dyeing processing.

At present, biological enzymes in the field of textile fiber modification, silk degumming, raw hemp degumming, dyeing and finishing process desizing, finishing and cleaning processing, textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and clothing clothing processing and other aspects have been applied.

In the view of industry professionals, green production has become the basis of sustainable development of the textile industry. Enterprises gradually enhance the understanding of cleaner production, energy-saving and environmental protection of the new technology, new process, new equipment to promote the application will be the general trend.

At present, although China has made some achievements in the application of modern biotechnology research, there are still some technological and development bottlenecks, and it is urgent to continue to make efforts from various aspects to alleviate the pressure of labor, energy, resources and other costs in the industry, meet the requirements of low carbon, and promote the industry to improve the capacity of sustainable development. In the words of insiders, "At present, many textile enterprises are difficult to transform and upgrade, the key lies in the weak innovation ability. The phenomenon of capital but no technology, equipment but no talent is quite prominent, which is difficult to meet the low-carbon requirements and seriously restricts future development."

How to make further use of modern biotechnology to enhance the innovation and competitiveness of the textile industry and solve many problems in the development of new textile fiber, chemical treatment, textile style finishing and so on?

First of all, in view of the characteristics and new development requirements of China's textile industry, the innovation mechanism of the industry should be further improved. By deepening the integration of industry and education, integrating all kinds of social resources, the independent innovation system with enterprises as the main body and trans-industrial chain, trans-department and trans-regional cooperation should be established to promote the improvement of the independent innovation ability of the industry.

At the same time, to encourage such production association to build industry institute, talent base, speed up cultivating high-level talents for a large number of industry, effectively solve the scientific research resources scattered, lack of talent, technology application, slow development of realistic problems such as lack of innovation and form the innovation of the ecological environment in the whole society, maximize human resource's contribution to the sustainable development of the industry.

Relevant experts also suggested to speed up the research and industrialization of key technologies, increase of high performance, functional, differential fibre material, the new type of textile dyeing and finishing technology, high performance industrial textiles, new textile machinery research and development of key areas of research, improve the ability of original technology, speed up the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and application, to upgrade the overall quality of industry technology, As well as the high efficiency textile biotechnology development and application level, to solve the textile industry to the environmental pollution problem, to provide a comprehensive textile products added value and international competitiveness.





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