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How To Recognize The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polyester Twill Interlining?

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In recent years, polyester twill interlining as a common fabric material in the fashion industry in the spotlight. However, the wide range of interlining products on the market often makes it difficult for consumers to recognize the advantages and disadvantages, and even some people will be confused when shopping. In order to help consumers better identify the advantages and disadvantages of polyester twill interlining, we sent a reporter to carry out some investigation.

The reporter first collected a variety of different brands and styles of polyester twill interlining samples in the market. Through careful observation and communication with the manufacturer, the reporter learned that the polyester twill interlining is mainly dependent on the following aspects: texture, color, printing, gloss and quality.Polyester Twill Interlining

First of all, texture is one of the important factors to measure the quality of polyester twill interlining. On the one hand, a good polyester twill interlining texture should feel soft, comfortable and have a certain degree of elasticity. On the other hand, polyester twill interlining should have good breathability and moisture absorption so as to keep the wearer comfortable.

Secondly, color and printing are also important reference factors to judge the quality of polyester twill interlining. Both plain and printed colors need to be bright and not easy to fade. In addition, the lines and graphics of the print should be clear and smooth, and there should be no blurring or misalignment.

Gloss is also one of the most important indicators for judging the quality of polyester twill interlinings. A quality polyester twill interlining should have a natural luster that presents a silky texture without being too harsh.

Finally, quality is a key factor in determining the merit of polyester twill interlining. Consumers can judge the quality of the interlining by checking whether the edges of the interlining have burlap, whether the fabric is uniform, whether the stitching is firm and so on. In addition, the reporter learned that some interlining products will come with some special features, such as waterproof, sunscreen, etc., which can also be used as a reference factor to determine its strengths and weaknesses.

In summary, to identify the polyester twill interlining strengths and weaknesses, consumers should focus on texture, color, printing, luster and quality. Through careful observation and actual trying on, combined with their own needs and budget, consumers can make a wise buying decision.





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