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Lightweight cotton twill fabric

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The appearance of twill fabrics is that the surface of the fabric has obvious twill lines, and the lines are uniform and straight, which is the common style of twill fabrics. Evenness means that the twill lines should be equidistant, and straight means that the twill lines should be straight, that is, the floating length of the twill yarns should be equal.lightweight cotton twill fabric manufacturers- DADITEXTILE

(1) Twill fabric: adopts 2/1 twill weave, the front side of the fabric is more obvious, and the back side is not obvious, the texture is tighter and thicker than the plain weave, and the hand feel is softer. There are three types of spinning yarns: twill fabric, half-line twill fabric and full-line twill fabric. Because of the different yarn characteristics, there are two types of coarse twill and fine twill fabrics.

(2) Serge, gabardine, khaki: These types of products are all woven, half-thread and full-thread woven. Serge and gabardine adopt 2/2 twill weave, while yarn khaki generally adopt 3/1 left twill weave, half line khaki and full line khaki mostly adopt 2/2 right oblique weave, and line khaki also adopt 3/1 right diagonal weave. .

The difference between    serge, gabardine, and khaki is mainly in the warp and weft tightness of the fabric and the different warp and weft tightness ratio. Among them, serge has the smallest tightness and tightness ratio in the warp and weft direction. Therefore, the fabric is relatively soft, the interlacing points of the warp and weft yarns on the cloth surface are clear, and the lines are wide and flat. The warp and latitude tightness and tightness ratio of gabardine are larger than serge, and the warp and latitude tightness of gabardine is about twice as large as the latitude. Folding and cracking, the cloth surface has small grain spacing, the diagonal lines are convex, and the peaks and valleys are more obvious. Khaki's tightness in the warp and weft direction and its tightness ratio are the largest. Therefore, the cloth body is thick, tight and stiff, with fine grain, and the twill line is more obvious than that of gabardine, and the texture is firm and durable.




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