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Modern Situation of Chinese Textile Industry

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In today's reforming and opening China , while many mass production enterprises are theprincipal force in textile industry,traditional folk textile still has its share in the market. Alongwith the rise of people's living standard, folk textile as a practical and aesthetic handiworkhas nevertheless won people's favor. Traditional spinning and weaving techniques and ancientlooms are still playing their role in vast areas in the country. For example, the rural women inthe southwest part of Shandong Province are still making a cotton fabric that enjoys a goodreputation as “Luxinan brocade”, while the rural women in Mount Yimeng area's handmadeprinted cotton fabrics are also well liked in the world market. Traditional folk textiles as suchenter into the lives of various nationalities carrying with them the strong cultural flavor andalso bearing evidence of Chinese women's diligence and intelligence.

Modern Situation of Chinese Textile Industry




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