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Pocket Pure Polyester 45X45 80*54 63”

  • 45×45

  • 80x54 

  • plain 

  • Pocket,Shirt,Bedding,Dress,Garment,Lining


Manufacturer:DaDi Textile

Width:57/58 inches

Fabric Type:Polyester fabric

processing method:dyeing

Use:Clothing cloth

Characteristics:Other finishing processing

Composition:100% polyester

Production process: rapier loom, imitation Dahua, dyed grey cloth

Yarn Count45x45

Packing:Roll Packing




Supply Type:Make-to-Order


Pocket Pure Polyester Product Details

Pure polyester fabric is a textile composed of 100% polyester. In the production, the raw material is firstly esterfied or transmogrification and polycondensation reaction is carried out to obtain the fiber polymer, and finally the fiber is made by spinning and post-processing. Therefore, it is not easy to fold, not easy to torn deformation and not fade.

Pure polyester is not skin friendly, not easy to absorb moisture, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to tear deformation. Pure polyester has the characteristics of light, cool, breathable, so this kind of cloth will not appear in the thicker fabric. Polyester fabric is better than pure cotton. This kind of fabric usually appears in summer women's clothing, into the mall is almost 100% polyester material. Because the summer polyester fabric is relatively thin, and then join a little spandex, I feel very comfortable. Because summer clothing is relatively thin, it ruled out the performance of airtight. Another advantage is that it doesn't shrink. Pure polyester fabric, under normal circumstances, will not appear easily fade, shrink phenomenon. But because it is pure polyester fabric, it is not resistant to high temperatures. After exposure to high temperature, it will appear to shrink and deform, and even melt.


Advantages of the DaDi Textile Company

Companies adhering to the "high starting point, high quality, appropriate price" of the production concept, brand manufacturers first source, sufficient spot, own factories, quality control, production, sales, service one-stop, with variety, high quality characteristics to win the majority of customers.

China Pocket Pure Polyester Service Features

The products are mainly made of high, medium and low grade poly-cotton and pure cotton grey fabric, and are also deeply processed bleached, dyed and printed finished cloth. The products are mainly exported to South Korea, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Europe, Italy, America, Brazil, Mexico, Chile. There are more than 40 countries and regions including the United Arab Emirates and Jordan in the Middle East and Kenya, Morocco and Ghana in Africa. The company has high-end talents, professional foreign trade team; New advanced production equipment, the production of first-class products.


1:Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we have our factory and trade team. Can supply you with the most Professional technical support and The best service.

We did CO, Form E, Form F, The Turkish embassy certification etc based on customers.

2:How do you hold the quality?4

Have their factory, quality assurance, Direct supplier, and price advantage.

Imported machinery equipment from German. We specialize in 100% pp spun bonded nonwoven fabric.

Material and Accessories Inspection upon arrival, in-line control on each step, general inspection and fixing before packing, third party inspection acceptable.

3:What's the MOQ?

Our MOQ normal is 5000m per order, 3000m per color. If you just need a small quantity by LCL is also ok. But the charge will be higher. And pls note the colors must be 3000m per color. color is as per your request.

4.Can you send us samples?

Yes,our all fabric sample parcels are free, and the freight is collected.(Size: more than 1m, Weight: below 0.5kgs.)