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Polyester Fabric Trench Coat Maintenance Tips

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With the onset of cold, polyester fabric trench coats have become a fashion favorite. However, how to properly care for these stylish and cozy trench coats is a much-troubled issue. Today, we will reveal the proper maintenance of polyester fabric trench coats, so that you can still stay stylish and comfortable in the cold season.

Step 1: Reasonable washing and cleaning

1. Gentle washing: When washing polyester fabric trench coat, the first principle is to choose a gentle washing method. Use neutral laundry detergent in the washing machine and avoid using too harsh detergents. In addition, it is best to turn the polyester fabric trench coat inside out to minimize the wear and tear of the fabric.

2. Avoid soaking: polyester fabric trench coat should not be soaked to avoid damaging the fabric. So, when washing a polyester trench coat, minimize the soaking time and make sure the clothes are rinsed well.

3. Gentle Cleaning: If you encounter more stubborn stains, it is recommended to use warm water and neutral soap for partial cleaning, and use a soft brush to gently brush, which can effectively remove stains, while avoiding damage to the fabric.Polyester Fabric

Step 2: Proper drying and ironing

1. Natural drying: polyester fabric windbreaker should avoid direct sunlight when drying. Choose a well-ventilated and cool place to dry, so as not to deform the fabric or fade the color.

2. Avoid mechanical ironing: Before using an iron, be sure to check the wash label of the polyester fabric trench coat. If the label prohibits the use of an iron, avoid mechanical ironing to avoid damage to the fabric. If you can use an iron, set it to a low-temperature gear, and gently iron with a wet towel covering the reverse side to maintain the luster and shape of the fabric.

Step 3: Proper Preservation and Matching

1. Keep it neat and tidy: when you don't wear polyester fabric trench coat, you should keep it neat and dry, avoid humidity and direct sunlight. It is recommended to put it into the closet to avoid rubbing with other clothes and causing scratches, and make sure to keep the closet dry and clean.

2. Matching Tips: Polyester fabric trench coat has an elegant appearance and diverse colors, which can be matched with a variety of clothing. Whether it is with jeans or bustier skirt, polyester fabric trench coat can show fashion and personality.

Through the above revelation, I believe you have mastered the secret of proper maintenance of polyester fabric trench coat. In the cold season, wearing high quality polyester fabric trench coat, not only can keep fashion and comfort, but also can further show your personality charm. Let's meet the cold fashion challenge together!





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