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Several common cotton fabric printing processing technology

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What is textile printing process?

Printing technology is the process of printing patterns on textiles with dyes or pigments. There are fabric printing, woolen printing and yarn printing, and the main fabric printing. Sliver printing is used to make mixed color suiting; Yarn printing is used to weave special styles of colorful fabrics. Fabric printing has a long history. China already used hollowed-out printing in the Warring States Period. India already had wood printing in the 4th century BC. Continuous concave drum printing began in the 18th century. Screen printing is developed from hollowed-out printing, suitable for small batch and multi-variety printing of easily deformed fabrics.

Is it possible to print cotton fabric?

The answer, of course, is yes. At the same time the cotton fabric printing process is still more, we now talk about several more common: watermark printing (water pulp printing), offset printing (glue printing), active printing, digital printing, etc..blend cotton fabric manufacturers - DADITEXTILE

Watermark printing

Main ingredients: water, adhesive, thickener, emulsifier, etc., suitable for light color or white cotton fabric printing, feel good after printing. Specific operation process: flat screen printing machine or manual screen printing plate, easy to operate.

Offset printing

The main composition is titanium dioxide, suitable for dark cotton fabric printing, after printing hand slightly harder than watermark printing, so in the printing area is too large pattern, please choose carefully. Specific operation process: flat screen printing machine or manual printing plate, easy to operate.

Reactive printing

The main ingredients are: water, reactive dyes, sodium alginate (or starch printing paste), and so on. The post-press feel is softer than watermark printing and offset printing. Suitable printing equipment: rotary screen printing machine, flat screen printing machine, manual screen printing platform. The actual operation process is slightly more complicated than watermark printing and offset printing. After printing, it is necessary to steam, wash, dry and fix color.

Digital printing

Printing with active digital printing process. Main equipment: digital printing machine. The required pattern is treated by computer color separation, and the dye ink is directly sprayed onto the fabric to obtain the required pattern. Process: fabric sizing, direct spray printing, steaming, washing, drying, shaping. Advantages: soft to the touch, with bright luster, good fastness.

This is the most common cotton fabric printing processing process at present, of course, there is the traditional pure manual cotton fabric printing processing process, compared with the mechanical printing processing process, manual process is complex and time cost, relatively higher, the price is more expensive, but the product is in fine quality.

Coating digital printing production does not need to be washed by evaporation, but it needs high temperature baking to fix the color before it can become finished products. Different equipment choose different baking equipment, so how to choose coating digital printing equipment baking equipment? What should I pay attention to?

Digital printing baking paint color fixation device choice: baking fixation device selection and best fabric surface does not contact the non-contact baking equipment, tablet press this direct contact fixation method is simple, but the iron plate of high temperature and direct contact with the fabric surface will cause fabric yellowing, production efficiency is also slow, not suitable for mass production. For small batch production, the choice of baking and fixing color equipment can be tunnel type baking machine, drawer type baking machine, dry shelf and other baking and fixing color equipment. For grey fabric, the choice of continuous baking machine is the best method of fixing color, and to choose a large amount of fabric baking machine as far as possible, because the internal temperature of the large volume of baking machine is not easy to fluctuate, relatively stable, can ensure uniform fixing color.

Whatever baking equipment is used, the time and temperature of baking must be taken into account to ensure the colour fastness of the fabric. If you want the product to be bright after fixing color, higher color fastness, clear outline, you can use digital printing pigment PPG03.





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