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T/C65/35 32X32 130X70 57/58" 2/1 TWILL FINISHED FABRIC

  • TC65/35 

  • 32X32

  • 130x70 

  • twill 

  • Garment, Medical fabric,Home Textile, Industry, Interlining, Jacket, Lining,



This is a dyed and printed fabric made of a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, with a thread count of 32X32 and a density of 130X70. It has a twill weave pattern and a width of 57/58 inches. The fabric has been treated using a 2/1 twill technique to create the diagonal lines in the weave pattern.

Place of Origin Shaanxi, China
Grey Width
Finished Width 36,43/44(dyed/bleached) ,58/59''
Style Semi-combed quality, close selvages; 
Machine Shuttle loom, Rapier loom
Packing packed in rolls or bales or according to customer’s requirement
Delivery Time Within 20-30days after received deposit

 TC Fabric 

Some advantages of 65% polyester 30% cotton fabric include:

  1. Durability: The blend of polyester and cotton makes the fabric strong and durable, which means it can withstand wear and tear better than some other fabrics.

  2. Easy care: This type of fabric is easy to care for and does not require special handling or ironing.

  3. Breathability: The cotton in the blend allows air to circulate, making the fabric breathable and comfortable to wear.

  4. Wrinkle resistance: Polyester is naturally wrinkle-resistant, which means garments made from this fabric are less likely to wrinkle or crease.

  5. Color retention: The fabric holds dye well, so colors will stay bright and vibrant even after multiple washings.

  6. Affordability: Polyester-cotton blends are often more affordable than fabrics made entirely from natural fibers like cotton or wool.

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 TC Fabric Product Application 

65% polyester 30% cotton fabric is commonly used in a variety of applications, including clothing, home textiles, and industrial products. Some common uses are:

  1. Clothing: This fabric is often used to make shirts, pants, jackets, and other apparel. It is especially popular for workwear due to its durability and easy care.

  2. Home Textiles: The blend of polyester and cotton makes this fabric suitable for use in bedding, curtains, and upholstery. It is generally more durable than pure cotton fabrics and is resistant to wrinkling and shrinking.

  3. Industrial Products: This fabric is also used in the manufacturing of bags, tents, and outdoor equipment due to its strength and water resistance.

Overall, the combination of polyester and cotton makes this fabric versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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 Our Exhibition 

Some possible advantages of producing polyester fabric in a factory include:

  1. Cost-effective: Polyester is a relatively inexpensive material, and its production process can be optimized for cost efficiency.

  2. Durability: Polyester is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to abrasion, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

  3. Versatility: Polyester fabric can be used for a wide range of products, including clothing, home furnishings, and industrial materials.

  4. Easy care: Polyester fabrics are usually easy to care for and maintain, requiring minimal ironing and no special washing instructions.

  5. Availability: Polyester is a widely produced synthetic fiber, so it is readily available in large quantities for production.

  6. Customizability: Polyester fabrics can be customized in terms of color, texture, and other characteristics to meet specific manufacturing needs.

  7. Environmental benefits: Polyester can be made from recycled materials, reducing waste and conserving natural resources. Additionally, polyester fabrics can be recycled at the end of their useful life.

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