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T/C80/20 21X21 108X58 63" 3/1 TWILL GREY FARBIC

  • TC80/20 

  • 21x21

  • 108x58 

  • twill 

  • shirt.Medicalcal.workwear


Place of Origin

Shaanxi, China

Grey Width

TC80/20 21x21 108x58 63'' 3/1 Twill

Finished Width



Semi-combed quality, rough selvages


Air-jet loom


packed in rolls or bales or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Time

Within 20-30 days after received deposit

Polyester cotton twill fabric is a blend of polyester and cotton fibers that are woven in a twill weave pattern, which creates a diagonal ribbed texture on the surface. This fabric is durable and wrinkle-resistant due to the polyester content, while the cotton provides a soft and breathable feel. It is commonly used for making clothing, uniforms, workwear, and home decor items such as curtains or upholstery. The weight and thickness can vary depending on the specific blend and purpose of the fabric.工装

TC fabric

T/C80/20 21X21 108X58 57/58" 3/1 twill fabric is a type of cloth that consists of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, with a thread count of 21X21 and a density of 108X58. It has a 3/1 twill weave, which gives it a diagonal pattern.

This fabric is commonly used for making uniforms, workwear, and other durable clothing items. Its twill weave makes it strong and resistant to wear and tear, while the blend of polyester and cotton provides moisture-wicking and breathability properties. The fabric is also easy to care for, as it can be machine washed and dried without shrinking or losing its shape.

1. It feels compact, thick, soft and durable, it is a common fabric for clothing.

2. The cloth surface is flat and smooth.

3. Mainly used for tooling and clothing fabrics.

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TC fabric application

Polyester cotton twill fabric is typically made by weaving together polyester and cotton yarns in a twill weave pattern. The ratio of polyester to cotton can vary depending on the desired properties of the fabric, but it is typically around 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The twill weave pattern creates a diagonal ribbing on the surface of the fabric, which gives it a distinctive texture and durability. The fabric is often used for a variety of applications, including clothing, upholstery, and industrial uses.

TC twill fabric is a type of textile made from a blend of polyester and cotton fibers, commonly used in the production of various apparel and home decor items. The twill weave pattern of the fabric provides a distinctive diagonal ribbing texture, which adds durability and strength to the material.

Some common applications of TC twill fabric include:

  • Apparel: TC twill fabric is often used to make durable workwear and uniforms, such as jackets, pants, and coveralls. The fabric's strength and abrasion resistance make it ideal for garments designed for heavy use.

  • Home decor: TC twill fabric can also be used for home decor items such as curtains, cushion covers, and tablecloths. Its textured surface adds visual interest to these items, while its durability ensures they can withstand frequent use.

  • Bags and accessories: TC twill fabric is a popular choice for bags, backpacks, and other accessories due to its strength and water-resistant properties. It is often coated with a waterproofing agent to improve its performance in wet conditions.

  • Upholstery: TC twill fabric can be used for upholstery on furniture such as sofas and chairs. Its durability and stain resistance make it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

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TC fabric advantage

Polyester/cotton twill 3/1 fabric has several advantages, including:

Durable: The combination of polyester and cotton fibers makes the fabric strong and durable, which makes it suitable for use in a variety of applications.

Easy to care for: The fabric is easy to wash and maintain, and it resists wrinkling and shrinking.

Breathable: The cotton fibers in the fabric allow air to circulate, which makes the fabric breathable and comfortable to wear.

Resistant to stains and fading: The polyester fibers in the fabric make it resistant to stains and fading, which ensures that it retains its color and appearance even after multiple washes.

Versatile: The fabric can be used for a variety of applications, including clothing, upholstery, and home decor items.

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