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T-shirt fabric types and washing

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Type of fabric

1.Ordinary pure cotton

Casual T-shirts are made of plain cotton, which is comfortable but less crisp. Easy to wrinkle, easy to deform after launching.

2. Mercerized cotton

With cotton as raw material, mercerized cotton fabric is made into high-woven yarn through worsted spinning. Then through unique processing processes such as wool burning and mercerizing, it is made into bright, soft, and wrinkle-resistant high-quality mercerized yarn. The high-quality knitted fabric made from this material retains the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton and has a silky luster. The fabric feels soft, absorbs moisture, and has good elasticity and droopiness. With rich color, worn comfortably and casually, it fully reflects the wearer's temperament and taste.T-shirt fabric company -DADITEXTILE

3. Cotton double mercerizing

Pure cotton double-mercerized fabric is a pure cotton product of "double burning and double silk." With the mercerized yarn made by burning and mercerizing as raw material, the pattern fabric design is quickly woven using CAD computer-aided design system and CAM computer-aided production system. After the grey cloth is burnt and mercerized again, a series of finishes is carried out to produce this high-grade knitted fabric with a transparent pattern. Pattern novel, shiny, feels smooth, better than mercerized cotton, but the price is slightly high because of two mercerizing finishing.

4. Super high-weight yarn pure cotton

Enterprises rarely use this fabric because its price is costly, the cost of 120-yarn cotton T-shirt fabric is as high as 170 yuan a kilogram, and the price of 200-yarn cotton T-shirt fabric is more elevated, reaching more than 3000 kilograms. The 250-yarn cotton T-shirt fabric needs 1800 pounds, and there is no production process for this fabric.

T-Shirt fabric washing knowledge

Printed T-shirt

1. printing position can not pull, do not rub, twist

2. Do not iron the printing bit to prevent the printing from falling off

3. The elasticity of rib cloth is good, and the printing position is easy to fall off when pulled too large.

Stretchy T-shirt

1. the elastic fabric can not be ironed at high temperatures to prevent damage to fabric elasticity

2. Do not bleach, which will damage the elasticity of the fabric

3. Some elastic fabrics are made of core-spun yarn. The yarn is fluffy, and the cloth is plusher

4, can not be exposed to the sun, prevent fabric elasticity damage

Cotton lightweight T-shirt

1. washing can not be too heavy, do not wash together with other thick clothes to prevent deformation, too heavy hair and hooked injury, or abrasion, it is best to wash alone

2, thin fabric organization is fine, fabric elasticity is low, daily wearing attention to prevent complex objects yarn, resulting in holes

3, the thin fabric is easy to deform; pay attention not to pull too much when wearing

Other fabric T-shirts

1. jacquard fabric because the organization is loose, fabric has a long floating line on the back, so try not to wash it with other thick clothes, or clothes with zipper, prevent hook injury, and abrasion fabric, because the floating line on the back, so this kind of clothes do not wash on the back

2. adhesive knitted fabrics (such as Modal - women's wear more) feel soft and light; this fabric's wet strength is low, prone to fibrillation in water, so only gentle machine washing, not too heavy.





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