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The advantages of digital printing fabric application

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The advantages of digital printing fabric application

Digital printed fabrics are widely used in the proofing and small batch production of clothing, home textiles, knitting, outdoor goods, advertising banners, personalized fabrics and other products. Digital printing fabric (cloth) the production process of simply was produced by various digital means to deal with all sorts of digital design input computer, and then after processing by the computer color printing system, by the dedicated rip software through the jet printing system will be a variety of special dye (reactive, disperse, acid coating) directly spray printing on all kinds of fabric or other medium, After processing, in a variety of textile fabrics to obtain the required high precision printing products.

Digital printing has the following advantages

1. The principle of digital printing fabric technology makes its products break the limitations of traditional production of color set and length of flower return, which can make the textile fabric achieve the printing effect of high-grade printing.printed cotton fabric suppliers - DADITEXTILE

Due to digital printing fabric technology can be used in a digital design, through the computer color measurement, color, spray printing, so as to make the color of digital printing products can theoretically reach 16.7 million kinds, break through the traditional textile and dyeing pattern of tinted limits, especially in the color gradient, moire pattern of high precision printing, Digital printing has incomparable advantages in technology. In addition, the pattern of traditional printing is often limited by the length of "flower back", while the concept of "flower back" can not exist in the process of digital printing, which greatly expands the space of textile pattern design and improves the grade of products.

2. Digital printing fabric high precision printing process makes the printing process without water and color paste.

Spray printing dyes used in the process of "to each according to his need" by computer, makes the spray printing process, there is no dye waste, no liquid waste, controlled by computer spray printing process, does not produce noise, make the spray printing process does not produce pollution, implements the green production process, so that the production of textile printing out of the past production process of high energy consumption, high pollution, high noise, The production process of low energy consumption and no pollution has been realized, which has brought a technological revolution to the production of textile printing and dyeing.

3. The production of digital printed fabric has really realized the production process of small batch and quick response, and the production batch is not subject to any restrictions.

Because the digital printing production process is all computerized digital production, so that the production flexibility is greatly improved, some products can even realize the same day delivery, immediately available. In addition, due to the application of computer technology, printing a series of patterns with the same pattern and different colors, and designers' continuous modification of patterns and colors in the production process have become a major technical advantage of digital printing production from traditional printing production.

4. The production process of digital printing fabric greatly shortens the original process route, receives orders quickly, and reduces the proofing cost greatly.

Because the production process of digital printing gets rid of the traditional printing in the production process of color separation, drawing, production, net making process, so as to greatly shorten the production time. The way to accept the pattern, can be through CD, E-mail and other advanced means, the general proofing time is not more than one working day, and the traditional proofing cycle is generally in a week or so.

The promotion and application of digital printed fabrics will continue to drive a larger new market, stimulate a new round of consumer demand, and bring more market opportunities for home textile, clothing enterprises, foreign trade companies, design companies, printing factories and so on.





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