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What are the advantages of cotton and polyester blended fabrics?

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What are the advantages of cotton and polyester blended fabrics?

Fabric made of cotton and other fibers blended and interwoven, collectively referred to as cotton blended and interwoven fabric. This includes the combination of cotton and other natural fibers, as well as the combination of cotton and various chemical fibers. Usually, cotton and chemical fibers are combined into a variety of colors and varieties, and practical fabrics with various advantages.

Viscose fiber and rich fiber mixed with cotton generally use 33% cotton fiber, 67% viscose fiber or rich fiber. This kind of fabric has wear-resisting, strength is higher than viscofiber fabric, moisture absorption is better than pure cotton, wet strength drops less, feel soft and clean characteristics. The main varieties are adhesive cotton, rich fiber cotton fabric.

Polyester/cotton fabrics are usually made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. This kind of fabric is mainly woven by plain weave of high support yarn, mostly used for thin shirt cloth, fine plain cloth, poplin and so on. Polyester cotton commonly known as "Dacron", it not only maintains the characteristics of polyester fiber high strength, good elasticity recovery, but also has the characteristics of cotton fiber strong moisture absorption, easy dyeing, easy to dry after washing.

Polyester cotton varieties and specifications are more, there are original color cloth, color cloth, printed cloth and dyed cloth.cotton polyester fabric for sale - DADITEXTILE

A. polyester-cotton fine cloth: a fabric of similar warp and weft with high yarn count and plain weave. The cloth surface is smooth and fine, feel smooth, thin and light, not easy to pilling. Bleached, printed, light-colored shirts can be made for men and women.

B. polyester-cotton poplin: the structure and fabric characteristics are the same as pure cotton poplin. Mostly bleached, plain color, suitable for the production of high-grade shirts.

C. Poly-cotton flax yarn: it is made of plain fabric with single and double warp spaced. The fabric is fine, breathable, smooth and has the style of flax fabric.

D. Polyester-cotton seersucker: also known as polyester-cotton ginning cloth, it has the characteristics of crisp, quick drying and free of ironing. The appearance style of the cloth surface is the same as pure cotton seersucker.

E. poly-cotton twill: fabric with clear twill lines on the fabric surface woven by twill tissue, including poly-cotton khaki, gabardine, crodin, etc. Among them, polyester cotton khaki has the characteristics of thick and tight cloth body, tough and straight, clear grain, wear resistance and so on. Suitable for making jackets, windbreakers, etc.

F. Polyester-cotton rotted cloth: grey cloth woven from polyester-cotton core yarn (polyester filament as the core, cotton yarn). After acid treatment, the surface pattern is uneven, transparent and cool, and the fabric has a strong three-dimensional sense. Suitable for summer wear.

G. Other polyester/cotton varieties: such as polyester/cotton yarn-dyed bark wrinkle, inverted ratio blended fabric, etc. they have their own characteristics, wear performance beyond a single fiber material woven fabric.

Dimension cotton fabric vinylon and cotton blend fabric. This KIND OF fabric moisture absorption, permeability are very good, and because of the resistance to salt water corrosion, so the woven fabric is suitable for making underwear, underwear, pajamas, etc. The disadvantage of cotton cloth is not bright enough dyeing, poor elasticity. Its main varieties of cotton market cloth, cotton flat cloth, cotton fine cloth and cotton checked cloth and other dyed fabrics.

The polypropylene cotton fabric will be polypropylene short fiber and cotton in a 1:1 ratio of blended fabric of plain weave, common with propylene cotton fine cloth and propylene cotton linen yarn.

A. Propylene cotton fine fabric: it is a plain fabric blended with 50% cotton and 50% polypropylene. It has a crisp appearance, small shrinkage rate, durable wear, easy to wash and dry, and has the style of poly-cotton fabric. But moisture absorption, heat resistance, light resistance is poor, suitable for making outerwear.

B. Propyl cotton and linen yarn: thin fabric blended with 50% cotton and 50% polypropylene fiber or 65% polypropylene fiber and 35% cotton. The appearance is the same as pure cotton and linen yarn, but the moisture absorption, light resistance and heat resistance are not as good as cotton and linen yarn. Suitable for summer shirt material or military raincoat, mosquito net, etc.





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