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What fabric to use for pockets?

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What fabric to use for pockets?

Pocket fabric, is a kind of white plain fabric, can be made into bed,flour bagand the bag of rice. There are many kinds of pocket fabric, pocket fabric is mainly divided into three categories, chemical fiber, cotton and polyester cotton pocket fabric.

Polyester/cotton pocket fabric specifications are divided into 2 categories:

1. Classification according to the content of polyester and cotton.

2. Classification according to the longitude and weft density.

The two together form the terylene fabric specification. The price of polyester/cotton fabric is mainly determined by the composition of cotton. The higher the cotton content, the greater the price.

Generally used in the aspect is very extensive, suit fabric, summer shirt, half sleeve, summer time put on, not only absorb sweat, but also very cool.

According to the characteristics of the craft, the pockets on the garment can be divided into three categories: sticking bag, inserting bag, and digging bag.  Among them, the taping bag is a kind of pocket that directly cuts the cloth into various bag shapes and sews it on the outer surface of the garment piece, so it is also called a Ming bag.  It is simple to make but to show the flat clothing position, more bright-line decoration.  Style changes at will, more for children's wear and casual wear.

Bagging is a kind of simple and hidden bag, which is mostly made up of seaming holes, such as the side bagging of trousers.  The digging bag is made by cutting the mouth of the bag on the surface of the garment.  Its craft request is higher, the breed is diversiform, apply in men and women outfit more extensively.  Bag design requires full consideration of the overall proportion, size, color, location, style, and other factors are coordinated.

Generally speaking, children's wear, work clothes, travel clothes should pay attention to the bag design, and pajamas, dress, etc., do not emphasize the bag design, soft silk clothing more do not add pockets.  The size of the bag mouth is determined according to the average width of men's and women's hands.  Generally, men's pockets are 16 ~ 18 cm, and women's pockets are 14 ~ 15 cm.  The adornment gimmick of the pocket is very much, have a line of Ming Ming, add fold, edge, adornment buckle, stick embroider grain to wait.  But the style that should reach design modeling with integral harmony is consistent.

Types of pockets

1. Big pocketstwill cotton fabric suppliers - DADITEXTILE

Larger and more exaggerated pocket design, upper left corner zipper decoration is the highlight. The pocket is decorated with a large close-up of the eye as a pattern.

2. Long pockets

The long pockets are decorated with geometric shapes, highlighted by the patchwork application of reflective fabrics in the lower right corner. Single side strip of independent bag cloth decorative clothing, practical and decorative functions.

3. Enrich your pockets

Multiple pocket decorative garments are shown in the center of the picture. The quilting application of different materials between down and lamb is the highlight. The disordered arrangement of the pockets is the highlight, and the disordered dividing line decoration is very unique.

4. Independent pockets

An Independent bag has extremely strong adornment sex, as shown on the left 2, symmetrical big bag decorates skirt outfit individual character is dye-bright. The backwater design shows the unique inside fabric.

5. Exposed pockets

Bag decorates edge, the round bag is very distinctive, geometrical modeling decorates edge is a window. The design that the edge of broken cowboy collocation inside material is exposed, individual character is dye-in-the-pink.

6. Special styling

Unique pocket design, such as the mouth of the pocket position in the middle, left and right have a pocket, the location design is very unique. The shiny decoration on the cover is the highlight.

7. Cover design

The special model of the cover, the unique model collocation is practical and beautiful. The stripe cloth design of the middle leather is very unique and delicate.

8. Cover design

Abundant pocket cover decorates dress, the pocket cover of different color is disorderly fold arrange is a window. The combination of cover and zipper is the highlight.

9. Zipper pocket

The zipper application of the pocket is shown in the upper left corner. The cover as a decoration appears confusing and interesting. The PVC application on the pocket is the highlight. The red zipper in the pocket is the highlight.

10. Pocket design

Pocket design, pocket adjustable rope design is the highlight. The frayed stubble adorns the pocket uniquely. The three-dimensional shape of the pocket design is very special.

11. Overlapping pockets

The overlapping design of the pocket, the irregular shape of the pocket cloth is the highlight, and the edge of the bag edge design is clear, highlighting the design details. The hidden pockets in the lower-left corner are quite ingenious.

12. Pattern decoration

The overlap of the pattern on the pocket cover, the pocket in the reflective strip, offset printing and text embroidery, and other design decoration of the lower layer. As shown in the middle of the second row, the arrangement of cloth embroidery of snake shape and the layered feeling of pocket overlapping each other highlights.

Baoji Dadi Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various polyester-cotton fabrics, which can be used to make pockets:

1. TC90/10 45x45 88x64  38"  47"  63"

2. TC90/10 45x45 96x72  38"  47"  63"

3. TC90/10 45x45 110x76  38"  47"  63"   67"

4. TC80/20 45x45 96x72  47"  63"

5. TC80/20 45x45 110x76  63"  

6. TC65/35 45x45 96x72  63"  

The above is the relevant knowledge of pocket fabric, if necessary, please consult our business team.





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