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What is printed fabric?

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Printed fabric is a kind of textile with printed patterns, including cotton, polyester and so on. Here is a brief introduction to what is printed fabric? What are the characteristics?

What is printed fabric?

combed cotton fabric online stock - DADITEXTILEGenerally, to do printing, we should shrink the fabric first, and then print, otherwise, printing and then shrink will lead to the color loss of printing, and uneven shrinkage of the pattern, deformation, so we can not use the spot to do, only the embryo cloth after processing printing, so that the fabric can achieve the effect we want.

The advantages of printed fabrics:

1.The patterns of printed cloth are of various colors and beautiful, which solves the problem of pure color cloth without printing before.

2.Moreover, printed fabric can be used in a wide range. It can not only be worn as clothing, but also can be mass-produced.

3.Quality and inexpensive, ordinary people can basically afford to consume, and they love.

Disadvantages of printed fabrics:

1.The pattern of traditional printed cloth is relatively single, and the color and pattern are greatly limited.

2.In the 100% cotton fabric can not transfer printing, printing cloth after a long time may also have decolorization and color failure phenomenon.





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