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What is yarn-dyed fabrics?

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Yarn-dyed fabric is a textile woven with dyed cotton yarn. Yarn dyeing is generally divided into two methods of yarn-dyed yarn and dyed yarn. Generally said yarn-dyed fabric includes woven fabric and knitted fabric. The knitting machine can also make yarn-dyed knitted fabrics. According to the design needs, the cotton yarn is classified and dyed, and then the color pattern is formed by staggered weaving. In addition to the common yarn-dyed knitting stripes, there are yarn-dyed jacquard, yarn-dyed mercerized cotton fabrics and so on. Generally speaking, knitted yarn-dyed fabric has strong color fastness to washing, unique texture and strong sense of layering. Knitted yarn-dyed fabrics include yarn-dyed sweatcloth, yarn-dyed double-sided cloth, yarn-dyed beaded cloth, yarn-dyed hoodie cloth, yarn-dyed rib cloth and so on.

Yarn-dyed can be divided into full yarn-dyed and half yarn-dyed

Full yarn-dyed: yarns dyed or partially dyed in both warp and weft (or fabrics with several colored yarns interwoven with white yarns).

Semi-yarn-dyed: yarn of warp or weft dyed or partially dyed.

Reasons for adopting full yarn-dyed fabric:

In order to achieve the effect of different colors - the same raw material dyed with different colors can not be processed, and yarn-dyed can be done.

Color fastness and color light requirements - yarn-dyed products have good color fastness and color light sense.best black cotton fabric - DADITEXTILE

Requirements for a sense of layering - A good sense of layering is required.

Reasons for semi-yarn-dyed fabrics:

Different warp and weft raw materials - the use of warp and weft yarn raw materials for different dyeing performance requirements, available semi-yarn-dyed.

Reduce the cost and increase the fancy.

Yarn-dyed and printing dyeing difference

Yarn-dyed - the process of dyeing yarns and then using colored yarns to weave fabrics, such as many shirt fabrics, denim, etc.

Printing and dyeing - woven fabrics are printed and dyed, such as many, many prints, with a variety of patterns.

The following will be with you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of yarn-dyed cloth.

Advantages of yarn-dyed fabric:

Strong three-dimensional sense: yarns of different colors are used in yarns of yarns and fabric structures to form various beautiful patterns.

Good color fastness: because the yarn-dyed fabric is dyed with raw yarn, the dye permeability is strong, so the color fastness is good.

Rich in color: yarn-dyed fabric is woven with multi-shuttle and dobby machines, which can interweave different fibers or different yarns into colorful varieties with smart patterns.

Unique style: due to the use of color yarns or color yarns and a variety of organizational changes, it can be woven into beautiful and unique styles of varieties.

Disadvantages of yarn-dyed fabric:

Because yarn-dyed fabrics and other processing processes need to spend a lot of time and labor costs, so yarn-dyed will be much more expensive than general printing and dyeing, in the current work wear fabric field accounted for a relatively low proportion.

How to identify yarn-dyed fabric?

1. Quality

The color of yarn-dyed cloth is generally more than two kinds, and the composition is the same, the commonly used material is cotton, polyester. If it is a monochrome fabric, be sure to pay attention to the quality and color fastness of the fabric. In general, the quality of monochrome yarn-dyed cloth is much better than that of dyed cloth. The texture of the fabric is clear and the color is beautiful.

2. Material

We all know the difference between yarn-dyed cloth and dyed cloth. The easiest way to tell is to look at both sides of the fabric to see if the color and pattern match. If you can't see it, you can pull out a piece of string to see if it's the same color inside and out. If you have one color on the outside, you are dyed cloth. If both sides are the same color, it is yarn-dyed cloth.

3. Color

The easiest way to do this is to take it home and wash it. If it fades slightly, you're a dyed cloth. What does not fade is yarn-dyed cloth. Due to the different dyeing and textile process of these two fabrics, the solid color of the fabric made is also different.





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