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5 Ways to Make Your Own Printed Fabric

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5 Ways to Make Your Own Printed Fabric

Basic Concepts of printing


The process of printing floral patterns with dyes or pigments on fabrics with certain dyeing fastness.

2. the classification of printed goods

The object of printing is mainly fabric and yarn. The former will be directly attached to the fabric, so the pattern is relatively clear. In the latter, patterns are printed on a collection of yarns arranged in parallel and woven to produce a hazy pattern effect on the fabric.

3. the difference between printing and dyeing

(1)Dyeing is to evenly dye dyes on textiles to obtain a single color. Printing is a pattern pattern printed in one or more colors on the same textile, which is actually local dyeing.

(2)Dyeing is to make dye into dye liquid and dye the fabric through water as a medium. With the help of slurry as dyeing medium, printing dyes or pigments into printing paste printing and fabric, after drying, according to the nature of the dye or color for evaporation, color development and other subsequent processing, so that the dye or fixed on the fiber, finally through soap washing, washing, removal of floating color and color paste in the paint, chemical agents.

4.pretreatment before printing

Similar to the dyeing process, the fabric must be pretreated before printing to obtain good wettability so that the color paste can be evenly distributed into the fiber. Plastic fabrics such as polyester sometimes need to be heat set to reduce shrinkage during printing.

5. the printing method

According to the printing process, there are direct printing, anti-dyeing printing and discharge printing; According to the printing equipment, there are mainly roller printing, screen printing and transfer printing, etc. From the printing method, there are manual printing and mechanical printing. Mechanical printing mainly screen printing, roller printing, transfer printing and spray printing, the first two applications are more common.

5 Ways to Make Printed Fabric

1. igital technology:

As the name implies, it refers to the printing with digital technology, which is a modern process. Print patterns on textile fabrics using computerized digital printing equipment. This process is not limited by color, and the color of the printing will not have color difference, is one of the printing process chosen by many factories.

2, glue process:

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This kind of printing is put on the clothes with glue paste, and the printing will feel protruding with the clothes. There is a three-dimensional sense and luster, generally used in casual style. Such as children's clothes, hoodies and so on.

3. Thick plate printing;

This is an upgraded version of the glue process, which can make the printing more three-dimensional, just like the glue process used for several times, and the thick plate process is equal to the glue process for several times. But the requirements for clothing technology are higher.

4. Water paste printing:

The printing process is carried out with water paste. This printing is relatively soft and suitable for T-shirts or thin clothes.

5. Transfer printing:

Transfer printing is a laborious process. Transfer printing is a printing method in which the dye is printed on the paper first, and then the dye on the transfer paper is transferred to the fabric under certain conditions. The use of heat to sublimate the dye on the transfer paper and transfer it to the dyed synthetic fiber is called heat transfer.





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