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A list of best 5 Thin Lightweight fabrics for dressmaking

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A list of best 5 thin lightweight fabrics for dressmaking

Whatever you have decided to sew, one thing is a constant in sewing – the fabric makes all the difference. Sometimes you want a fabric that is very thin but not an open weave;  a little bit see-through but not fully transparent, very lightweight but not as light as a net. If this sounds tough, you will be happy to know that in the fabric world you have a lot of choices, whatever the requirement. Here are the top 10 thin and lightweight fabrics

If you are looking for open weave fabrics which are thin and sheer, you may be looking for net fabrics -check out these posts on the different types of net fabrics here and different types of tulle fabrics.

1. Chiffon

Chiffon is used as a general term for many light and sheer fabrics. The chiffon fabric that we use for dressmaking maybe made of silk, rayon, or a synthetic fiber like polyester. Because of the use of multifilament yarns, it has a lustrous appearance in addition to being sheer, lightweight, and very soft to touch. It is a great fabric for making gowns and evening dresses because of its drape and free-flowing nature – it is usually used as an outward layer. The disadvantage is that you cannot make form-fitting tailored garments with chiffon, which is true with most of the thin fabrics mentioned here. Chiffon made with polyester fibers will wrinkle less than one made with silk fibers.


This crisp almost stiff cotton cloth is also sheer smooth and fine. It is not a free-flowing fabric so avoid it if you are looking for that kind of drape. The combed cotton fibers that form this fabric give it a crisp feel and an open weave. You can choose a soft organdy for dressmaking instead of the more stiff one. The advantage of organdy is that you can pleat it well. The disadvantage is that it wrinkles a lot unless it has a special antiwrinkle finish.

3.Silk Fabricswhite poplin fabric company - DADITEXTILE

Flat Crepe Silk, China silk and Silk Habotai are very thin and fine silks.

Silk Organza is a thin, sheer, slightly crisp fabric made of silk fibers with a beautifully lustrous look. The face of sheer organza sparkles beautifully. It has a stiff finish which makes it a favorite as a lining fabric that will hold shape, as well as for making slightly exaggerated shapes like a voluminous skirt. The surface is slightly grainy, not completely smooth to the touch. Organza is also made with polyester fibers, other than silk.

4. Cotton Voile

Another sheer, thin, and very soft fabric made of highly twisted cotton fibers. It has a slightly crispy feel like organdy but with a great drape. It is not as sheer as chiffon or georgette though. Cotton Voile is a favorite for making summer clothes.

5. Batiste

Batiste is an almost sheer fabric made of wool cotton silk, rayon, or linen- very similar to voile but finer.  Lightweight batiste is a favorite fabric for making dresses especially summer wear.  This fabric is a favorite for making children’s christening gowns embellished with heirloom embroidery.





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