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Dyed Fabric Tutorials for Beginners

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Dyed Fabric Tutorials for Beginners

When the fiber is immersed in an aqueous solution of dye at a certain temperature, the dye moves from the water to the fiber, and the amount of dye in the water gradually decreases. After a period of time, an equilibrium state is reached. The dye that decreases in water is the dye that moves up the fiber. When the fiber is taken out at any time, the dye will remain in the fiber even if twisted, and the dye will not simply be completely removed from the fiber. This phenomenon of the dye binding in the fiber is called dyeing.

Fabric dyeing process

1. Cloth distribution -- the wool embryo from the weaving factory will be put into the cloth cart according to the production plan of the dyeing factory, and the cloth will be processed in the next process. Effects: (1) Generally, it is kept for 12-24 hours to eliminate the tension during weaving and prevent stain points caused by the tension of the embryo cloth during dyeing. ② The hair-embryos without opening were opened. For example, to be washed, scheduled and so on.

2. Washing - mainly used for the process containing OP cloth, through the washing machine to complete (also called scouring). Function ① To remove the oil, dirt and dirt on the fabric. ② Relaxation fabric tension and internal stress.

3. Reservation, due to containing spandex fabric, spandex contraction are prone to storage crease easily when weaving crease and spandex with an oiling process in the process of production, try to consider when dyeing remove oil, through the grey fabric, which can basically eliminate storage crease, crease (2) the fabric due to the high temperature in order to improve the internal oil evaporation to the front of the fabric surface after the refined remove oil better. ③ Eliminate the edge retraction of spandex cloth and improve the quality of finishing dyeing.

4. Scouring - Polyester elastic knitted fabric, due to uneven force in the processing process, often appear due to spandex shrinkage caused by creases and creases, to release the fabric tension, relaxation and contraction, but because there is no relaxation machinery, can only be in the dye tank to relax. Because it is refined in the dye VAT and the dyeing machine has a certain tension, it can not ensure the uniform contraction of the fabric under the condition of no tension, so there are many anomalies in the processing of spandex knitting.

5. Dyeing - The main points include the following:china cotton fabric manufacturers - DADITEXTILE

(1). Material - water - chemical material - additive - feed - adjust the temperature curve

(2). Easy to produce exceptions:

A.poor operation, dyeing if knot, easy to produce serious color flower.

B. Too fast heating, too fast coloring in a short time, not enough heat preservation time, and not enough dyeing time.

C. High hardness during a certain period due to water supply.

D. Improper adjustment of PH value, especially when using high fastness dye to make ultra-fine OP-containing cloth, it is easy to occur color flower or color difference.

E. the compatibility of the color formula is not good, the stability of the dye at high temperature is poor, poor reproducibility, easy to occur color flower or color difference.

F. The dyeing VAT is not cleaned when the color of the dyeing row VAT is changed, which leads to the situation of colored oil stains or block colored flowers on the cloth surface during dyeing.

G,.nozzle size is not suitable, also easy to produce stripe color flowers.

H. the embryo cloth contains large oil, deoiling is not clean, when dyeing, it is easy to produce color flower shape in the deoiling is not clean.

I. The volume of dyeing tank is too large or the cloth is too long in the tank.

J. Dyeing cloth too slowly.

K. The effectiveness of auxiliaries used in dyeing is unstable or the compatibility between dye factors and auxiliaries is poor.

L. Poor efficiency of relaxation and refinement.

M. The volume of dyeing tank is too large.

N. The dyeing machine is not running normally.

U. When dyeing, the cooling speed is so fast that the cloth surface directly enters the cold water state from the high temperature to form the phenomenon of transverse small folds.

V. Unreasonable selection of nozzle.

W. poor transferability of dye.

X. During dyeing, the temperature rises too fast in the upper dyeing stage, and the tension of the dyed embryo cloth is too large (which means that the pressure of the nozzle and the speed regulation of the cloth belt do not match, resulting in too fast linear velocity, and the tension of the fabric becomes larger). The shape is longitudinally dead, and the color at the crease is different from that of other parts.

6. Cut sample to color - action to correct the color, so that the color to meet customer requirements.

7. dehydration

(1) Dehydration after dyeing as soon as possible, because the weight of OP-containing cloth with water increases, easy to produce creases and creases.

(2) The dehydrator cage should be clean, to prevent color and hook wire.

(3)When dehydration, attention should be paid to the time is not too long, and the dehydrated fabric should not be too much. Otherwise, it will cause the surface of the fabric to produce a large number of "color flower" due to dehydration.

8. Medium reduction washing - medium reduction, can make the fiber and dye unshaped area of the dye through high temperature sublimation to the fabric surface, after VAT reduction washing, so that dye stained on the surface of the fiber removal. Achieve the purpose of improving color fastness. Another purpose is to make the door weight.

9. Reduction WASH - THE PURPOSE OF post-treatment is to remove floating color from the surface of the fabric to improve the fastness to rubbing, washing, sublimation and dye transfer.

10. fall into a pattern

(1) The filter screen of the molding machine should be cleaned regularly and the temperature of each box should be adjusted reasonably to prevent the difference in temperature in the oven from being too large and uneven.

(2) The left and right pressure of the water rolling pressure should be controlled to be the same, so as to prevent the difference between the left and right pressure from being uneven.

(3) Finalize the air volume to set the process standard, comply with, prevent the air volume adjustment caused by improper uneven.





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