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Explore The Characteristics Of Tc Fabric Down Jacket

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In recent years, with the rise of outdoor sports and the increase in demand, down jackets have become a must-have winter warm items. For the choice of fabrics for down jackets, TC fabrics have become a highly regarded choice in today's market. So, what are the characteristics of TC fabric down jacket? Here we come together to explore a mystery.

TC fabric is a blend of polyester (Terylene) and cotton (Cotton), which is highly regarded for its excellent performance. Compared with other fabrics, TC fabrics have the following outstanding features.

First of all, TC fabric has excellent breathability. Down jackets require fabrics that are both warm and breathable, and TC fabrics excel in this regard. Through the polyester and cotton blended material, making the down jacket in the warmth at the same time can maintain good breathability, so that the body in motion is not easy to sweat, reduce the accumulation of moisture, bring more comfortable wearing experience.TC Fabrics

Secondly, TC fabric has excellent windproof performance. In the cold winter, the oncoming cold wind is the most difficult for people. However, the existence of TC fabrics changes this situation. Polyester itself has a good windproof performance, and blended with cotton TC fabric is to enhance the windproof performance. Therefore, the choice of TC fabric down jacket can effectively resist the attack of cold wind, so that people can enjoy a warm and comfortable feeling in outdoor activities.

Once again, TC fabrics also have good wear resistance and durability. In daily use, the durability of clothing is a point of great concern to consumers, TC fabrics are mixed to increase the wear resistance and durability of down jackets, greatly extending the service life of clothing. At the same time, TC fabric has better wrinkle resistance, clothing is not easy to wrinkle, easy to maintain a neat appearance.

In addition, TC fabrics also have excellent anti-static and water resistance. Static electricity on the human body not only affects the wearing comfort, but also may be harmful to the body, TC fabric antistatic performance can effectively reduce the possibility of static electricity, increasing the wearing comfort. At the same time, due to the down jacket is often faced with external moisture attack, TC fabrics superior water resistance can quickly remove the water, to maintain the dryness of the clothing, to prevent the growth of bacteria.

To sum up, the appearance of TC fabrics has revolutionized the production and consumption of down jackets. Its excellent breathability, windproof performance, abrasion resistance and water resistance have made TC fabrics the first choice of many famous down apparel brands. In the future, with the continuous progress of science and technology and the development and growth of the textile industry, it is believed that the position of TC fabrics in the down apparel industry will be more prominent.





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