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Fabric for Garments - What Is It? How Does it Work?

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Fabrics are the basic material for clothing.There are two types of fabric; grey fabric and finished fabric.Generally garment is manufactured from finished fabric.Each one of us wear clothes made up of different types of fabric.The most common types of fabric used for garemnts are Cotton voile,Cotton lawn, Rayon challis,Chambray,Denim,Double gauze,knit,Silk,Satin,Linen,Wool,Flannel etc.Fabric is the basic material for manufacturing garments.Garments are made by using finished fabrics.There are different types of fabric used in garments manufacturing.It can be woven or knitted fabric.Various types of woven and knitted fabrics.

Different Types of Fabric Used in Apparel Manufacturing:

There are mainly two types of fabric used in garments manufacturing.Those are-

1. Woven fabric.

2. Knitted fabric. FINISHED FABRIC-daditextile

All the above two types have classified in the below:

1. Woven fabric:

Woven fabrics are preferable for their different types of design.This kind of fabric can be easily cut into different shapes and excellent for producing different styles in the garments.Different types of woven fabrics are vastly used in garments manufacturing,those are in the below:

  • Buckram fabric.

  • Cambric fabric.

  • Casement fabric.

  • Cheese fabric.

  • Chiffon fabric.

  • Chintz fabric.

  • Corduroy fabric.

  • Crepe fabric.

  • Denim fabric.

  • Drill fabric.

  • Flannel fabric.

  • Gabardine fabric.

  • Georgette fabric. 

  • Kashmir silk.

  • Khadi fabric.

  • Lawn fabric.

  • Muslin fabric.

  • Organdy fabric.

  • Poplin fabric.

  • Sheeting fabric.

  • Taffeta fabric.

  • Tissue fabric.

  • Mesh fabric.

  • Velvet fabric.

What are the Different Types of Woven Fabric?

Plain Weave Woven Fabric

Plain weave woven fabric is a common option for curtain and upholstery textiles, due to its simple and plain criss-cross weave. It’s manufactured to be durable and long-lasting, while various thread strengths can be used to enhance resilience. Striped patterns can also be created within plain weave woven fabric,byaltering the colour of the warp textiles.

Herringbone Weave Woven Fabric

Herringbone weave fabric is easily recognisable by the chevron shapes created within the weave. This adds a noticeable aesthetic touch to the textile, which can have a great impact within any room. It often infuses wool yarns into the weave, making herringbone weave fabric the quintessential cosy upholstery choice.

Twill Woven Fabric

Twill woven fabric is a great choice for upholstery textiles. It’s woven differently, as the threads are re-organised to create a diagonal pattern within the fabric. The way twill woven fabric is created makes it a more durable option for upholstery projects.

Pile Weave Woven Fabric

Pile weaves incorporate additional yarns into the weave during the process. They stand up to create a more tactile texture within fabrics, and they are then cut to form a ‘nap’. A nap on woven fabrics is the raised surface formed by these additional yarns and threads. One prevalent example of a pile weave woven fabric is velvet.

2. Knitted fabric

Knitted fabric types are made from one or more long interconnecting and looping yarns,much like if we were to knit traditionally with knitting needles and a ball of yarn.This makes Knit fabrics a stretchy type of fabric, used mostly for casual wear clothing, but with plenty of other uses too.Knit fabrics are manufactured on large knitting machines which speed up the manufacturing process a significant amount!Garments buyers love knit fabrics for their comfort, texture, wrinkle resistance, and elasticity. Basically, knit fabric is easy to sew with the right machine and stitching technique.Different types of knit fabrics, which are vastly used in apparel manufacturing, are mentioned in the following:

  • Single jersey fabric.

  • Double jersey fabric.

  • Burn out jersey fabric.

  • Rib fabric.

  • Interlock fabric.

  • Piquet fabric.

  • Lacoste fabric.

  • Fleece fabric.

What are the Different Types of Knitted fabric?

Stable Knits

A stable knit is a knit that has very little stretch.Clothes made with a stable knit often have design ease added to the pattern so that it is possible to move in the garment when it is worn. The maximum amount of stretch for a stable knit would be 18-25%.

Moderate Knit:A moderate knit will stretch much more than a stable knit – in fact, it can be anything between 26-50%! Examples of a moderate knit would be tee’s, jerseys and interlock fabrics.

Stretchy Knits : Stretchy knits can stretch between 51-75% – that’s a lot of stretch!





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