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Pure polyester yarn polyester-cotton yarn steady going

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According to the business community commodity market analysis system, last week, pure polyester yarn prices stable, general sales, inventory remains high; polyester and cotton yarn prices rose slightly, the goods are still available, continue to go to the warehouse. As of May 19, the average market price of pure polyester yarn in Shandong 13,000 yuan / ton, down 0.57% from last week, down 9.09% year-on-year, the average market price of polyester-cotton yarn 17,660 yuan / ton, up 0.46% from last week, down 16.38% year-on-year.

Last week, the pure polyester yarn price is stable, general sales, inventory remains high, downstream and intermediate links just need to purchase mainly, the process of yarn stable mostly; polyester and cotton yarn cost to drive prices up slightly, the goods can go, continue to go to the library. domestic orders before the end of May in the delivery of tension, export orders and long-term demand orders still have not seen a significant upturn, both cash flow is still in a state of loss.

Pure polyester yarn prices in Fujian maintain, ring spinning T32S mainstream reported 11300-11500 yuan/ton, the transaction is negotiable. Xiaoshao area pure polyester yarn market price basically maintained, the general trading atmosphere, T32s mainstream price at about 11,600-11,800 yuan/ton, the actual single negotiation. Henan area polyester-cotton yarn prices remain, ring spinning T/C65/35 32S quoted 16,200-16,500 yuan/ton, airflow spinning T/C65/35 21S quoted 13,000 yuan /ton near, deal negotiation. Xiaoshao area polyester and cotton yarn prices rose slightly, 65/35 product price stabilization, 80/20, 90/10 varieties of stable prices, including T/C 65/35 32s mainstream price of 16,200 yuan/ton, 45S polyester and cotton yarn mainstream price of about 17,400 yuan / ton, the actual single negotiation.

Polyester short-term goods to maintain oscillation, the spot offer more stable, the raw material end of the phase of strong rebound to stimulate the demand for staple fiber, the current overall operating conditions improve, later as the load is further enhanced, competition will also intensify again. The end of the new year cotton planting, the weather speculation  for an end, the spot market changes little, shipments are still available, the overall inventory pressure is not large, the overall view, the market is running smoothly, the lack of new drivers, short-term difficult to have a trend market.

U.S. textiles and apparel imports fell sharply year-on-year! U.S. textile and apparel imports continued to decline from January to March, down 19.98% year-on-year to $25.874 billion, compared with $32.231 billion a year earlier. China is still the largest supplier of textiles and apparel, accounting for 23.78% of the market share. Among the top 10 U.S. apparel suppliers, imports from any country have not increased, imports from China fell 34.89% year-on-year, and the foreign trade situation is still not optimistic.

At present, raw materials polyester staple fiber and cotton shock consolidation, export orders and long-term demand orders still have not seen a significant upturn in downstream demand in the off-season, the yarn is more passive, business analysts believe that the recent pure polyester yarn and polyester-cotton yarn market will continue to stalemate.





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