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Tips For Choosing High Quality CVC Fabrics

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1. What Is CVC Fabric?

Cotton-polyester blended fabric refers to the cotton and polyester blended by a certain ratio (usually 6:4), when the proportion of cotton is greater than or equal to the polyester, it is CVC fabric, when the proportion of cotton is less than the polyester is that it belongs to the T/C yarn. CVC fabric is more comfortable than pure polyester and T/C fabric because the cotton content is greater than polyester. Because the cotton content in the CVC fabric is greater than polyester, so its comfort level is better than pure polyester and T/C fabrics.

2. CVC Fabric Advantages:

1. CVC fabric the first big advantage is better wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, with the fabric made of clothing is not easy to break very wearable.

2. CVC fabric clothes are not easy to deform no matter whether it is daily wear or in the wash, the degree of comfort even if it is not as comfortable as pure cotton. Not as comfortable as cotton, but the price will be much cheaper, so he is more cost-effective clothing fabrics.

3. this polyester-cotton blended fabrics will not cause skin irritation, can be used to produce intimate apparel and can be worn for long periods of time.

3. CVC Fabric Shortcomings:CVC Fabric

CVC fabrics because the cotton content is not high, the fabric even if it has the characteristics of the cotton, but the efficacy of the fabric is very limited, and then appeared cotton content of up to 90% of the Lycra fabrics to replace it. Lycra fabric to replace it, but the high cost of Lycra is generally more used to make high-grade clothing fabrics.

Because the fabric contains polyester properties, and polyester fibers are hydrophobic fibers, so the CVC fabric is not hydrophilic and will also be easy to stain oil, fabrics are directly exposed to the air dust is easily adsorbed on the surface of the garment, but also to wash it clean and also relatively laborious.

4. There Are Several Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a High Quality CVC Fabric (Cotton And Polyester Blend Fabric):

Fabric Ratio: CVC fabrics usually have a ratio of more cotton fibers than polyester fibers. This is due to the fact that cotton fibers provide good moisture absorption and comfort, while polyester fibers provide good strength and abrasion resistance. Generally, CVC fabrics with a ratio of 60/40 or 70/30 are considered high quality.

Fabric Density: The density of a fabric is the number of yarns per square inch. The higher the density, the tighter the texture of the fabric and the better the abrasion resistance and durability. However, too much density may affect the breathability and comfort of the fabric.

Fabric Grammage: Grammage refers to the weight of the fabric per square meter. Generally speaking, the higher the grammage, the heavier the fabric is, and the better the abrasion resistance and warmth. However, too high a grammage may make the fabric too heavy, affecting its comfort and breathability.

Fabric Weave: There are many types of weaves for CVC fabrics, including plain, twill and jacquard. Different weaves affect the look, feel and performance of the fabric. For example, twill fabrics are typically more abrasion resistant than plain fabrics, while jacquard fabrics can create rich patterns and textures.

Fabric Treatments: High-quality CVC fabrics often undergo special treatments, such as preshrinking, softening, anti-wrinkle and anti-static, to enhance their performance and comfort.

Brand and Manufacturer: Choosing a well-known brand and a manufacturer with a good reputation will provide a greater assurance of obtaining high-quality CVC fabrics.

Overall, choosing high-quality CVC fabrics requires comprehensive consideration of each of the above factors, according to your needs and budget.





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