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What is the difference between viscose and polyester fabrics?

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Viscose fiber and polyester fiber. Which fabric is good

1.Viscose fiber

As we all know, viscose fiber, the most widely used regenerated fiber in chemical fiber, has unique characteristics.Its main characteristics are good spinnability,and pure inability can be mixed with various fibers; the fabric it makes has the advantages of draping, moisture absorption, air permeability, good dyeing performance, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, and so on, which is called "breathing fabric."But its disadvantages are also the same and more prominent, such as viscose fiber moisture regain, low fiber strength, lower wet strength, and only about half of the dry power, so its fabric stability is poor, the not wear-resistant, finished fabric shrinkage rate is not reasonable control. However, it has the advantages that other fibers do not have in terms of performance, price, and output, so viscose fiber has not been eliminated under the impact of various synthetic fibers for so many years. And in continuous upgrading for the textile industry, industry, and aviation industries to make contributions.Viscose fiber is made of cotton wool and wood as raw materials, through alkalization, aging, sulfonation, and other processes to make soluble cellulose xanthate, and then dissolved in dilute lye to make viscose and made by wet spinning.The whole viscose staple fiber production process can be completed within 24 hours.At present, China, as the largest producer of viscose fiber in the world, basically accounts for about 70% of the global viscose output, with an annual production of nearly 4 million tons, while China's viscose fiber is mainly made of short cotton lint as the primary raw material. 

polyester fabrics

Viscose staple fiber is the most widely used recycled cellulose fiber, which can be seen everywhere in our life, and its use in the textile and clothing industry is the most prominent.Let's learn the advantages and disadvantages of viscose fabric together below.


01.Viscose has good moisture absorption, air permeability, and good durability.

02.The viscose fabric is smooth and soft, silky and smooth.

03.It has excellent dyeing properties, bright color after dyeing, good color fastness, and should not fade.

04.Viscose fabric is not easy to static electricity, adsorption in line with the needs of human skin, meets the national second-class safety standards, and is biodegradable.


01.Viscose fabric feels heavy, has poor elasticity, and easy to fold, and is not straight;

02.Viscose fabric is not washable, is not wear-resistant, and has poor capacity and size stability.

03.Not resistant to acid.

Viscose fiber is widely used in textile and clothing production because of its good properties.Moreover, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the pursuit of nature, the output of cotton has been unable to meet the growing market demand.However, viscose fiber not only has the essence of cotton but also has the flowing and softness of silk.It is easy to dye, anti-static, high temperature resistant, antibacterial, and can also achieve non-ironing through finishing.But these are most synthetic fibers can not have both, and viscose fiber plasticity is the most comprehensive, modal;Tencel, bamboo fiber, and so on are upgraded versions of viscose fiber, which can also produce a variety of functional differentiation of viscose fiber according to the need, so the future of viscose fiber is still expected, is generally optimistic about the textile industry, is expected to usher in a more beautiful tomorrow.

2.Polyester fiber

polyester fiber A synthetic fiber derived from the condensation of organic diacid and diol by spinning.Polyester chain research report points out: industrial mass production of polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate,China's commodity name polyester. It is the largest variety of synthetic fiber at present.

What is the difference between viscose fiber and polyester fiber?

1.Different production processes.

polyester fiber quilt is a synthetic fabric; viscose fiber is the first regenerated cellulose fiber produced and processed.

2.Moisture absorption is different.

Viscose fiber has good moisture absorption, in line with the physiological requirements of human skin; polyester fiber has poor moisture absorption but excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, and good electrical insulation performance.

3.Different degrees of warmth

Viscose fiber cloth is soft and smooth, has good air permeability, is not accessible to static electricity, UV protection, is comfortable to wear, easy to dye, has bright color after dyeing, good color fastness, and good spinnable performance but poor thermal insulation; polyester fiber insulation is very good and relatively light, not afraid of pressure, easy to keep.

Which is more expensive: polyester or viscose

Polyester fiber is commonly known as polyester; the disadvantage of polyester is that it is not breathable, does not absorb sweat, is a lot of clothes the composition of socks, a relatively cheap.Viscose is simply made of cotton wool pulp board.The pulp board is crushed after adding caustic soda to make alkali cellulose, alkali cellulose, carbon disulfide, and caustic soda reaction to form an alkali cellulose flavor.





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