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Why Do We Love Printed Cotton Fabrics?

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Why Do We Love Printed Cotton Fabrics?

Cotton fabric is an all-natural fabric made from cotton yarn and is the most used natural fiber fabric in clothing today. The cotton yarn, which is spun from the cotton boll fiber (that’s not a spelling mistake!) of the cotton plant, is typically knitted or woven into cotton fabrics. As the cotton fabric is incredibly versatile, it can be woven into a variety of compositions - the 2 most common being plain weave and twill. Other common cotton fabrics include gauze, voile, velvet, and flannel. Cotton fibers can also be found in blends with other natural fibers as well as with synthetic fibers. Popular blends include poly/cotton, cotton/linen, and cotton/silk.

Printed Cotton fabric is the most popular fabric in the world. It is a natural product made from the seedpod of the cotton plant. It can be woven or knitted into cloth.

What are the advantages of cotton fabric?

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The benefit of cotton fabric is mainly that the cotton fiber contained in it has good moisture absorption, cotton fiber in general can absorb water to the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is 8-10%, so as to ensure that our cotton products can feel soft and comfortable when they come into contact with the skin, without the dry and stiff feeling. At the same time, because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, and the whole cotton fiber itself has the advantages of high elasticity and porosity, a large amount of air can accumulate between the fibers, and the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, which makes the whole cotton fiber textile has good moisture retention, and also brings more warmth and comfort to people.What’s more, 100% cotton is a soft fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin, and because it’s thicker than other fabrics, it feels luxurious.

Heat resistance

In the scientific research, we found that the daily use of cotton products have relatively good heat resistance, even at 100 degrees Celsius temperature, cotton products will only evaporate the water, but for the cotton fiber itself is not a big impact. That is to say, our cotton products in daily use can be more casual washing and dyeing, which will not have a great impact, but also to a large extent to improve the wear and washing characteristics of cotton products.


Alkali resistance can be said to be a big characteristics of cotton fabrics, as a result of the cotton fiber on the alkali resistance is bigger, cotton fabrics in alkali solution, fiber damage occur, because have such performance such as cotton fabrics, lavatory, in large part to the clothing of washing, disinfection, also beneficial to the 100% cotton textiles dyeing, printing and all kinds of processing technology, In order to produce more cotton weaving new varieties and clothing styles, this is the obvious advantage that the cotton products in our life occupy a more dominant position.


As we all know, the raw materials of our cotton products are all from naturally grown cotton, and the cotton fiber in cotton is a natural fiber, the main component of which is cellulose. Our cotton products is composed of the cotton fiber, cotton fabric after comprehensive examination and practice, it is concluded that all cotton fabric will not have any contact with the skin irritation, also do not have any negative effect at the same time, so we long wear cotton products is also good for your health, health performance is quite good, such as the more obvious advantages of cotton products.





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