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Workwear Twill CVC 60/40 32*32 130*70 63”2/1

  • CVC 
  • 32X32
  • 130x70 
  • twill 
  • shirt.Medicalcal.workwear

Twill Fabric Work Shirt Product Description


CVC60/40 32*32 130*70 63" 2/1


60 percent cotton, 40 percent polyester

Yarn count


Supply Type











Jacket, Shirt, Bag, Blanket, Interlining, Lining, Curtain, Garment, Industry, Trousers


Waterproof, Anti-Static, Flame Retardant, Shrink-Resistant, Double Faced, Organic, Water Resistant


the weight of the billet is about 168g,The finished product can weigh up to 155g


men's and women's casual suits, women's skirts, men's and women's pants, enterprises and institutions of summer shirts work clothes, surgical clothing, nurse clothes and so on

Supply type and quantity

blank cloth is fresh, bleach, dyeing, and printing have various colors in stock, and can also be placed on the spot; It can produce more than 400,000 meters per month.

Workwear Twill Fabric CVC Cotton Advantages

1. The content of cotton is greater than that of polyester, which not only maintains the characteristics of high8 strength and good elasticity recovery of polyester fiber but also has the characteristics of strong moisture absorption of cotton fiber, good air permeability, strong sweat absorption, comfortable wearing.

2. The big advantage of CVC cloth is better to wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, and the work clothes made of this cloth are not easy to damage and are especially durable.

3. The clothing of CVC fabric is not easy to deform whether it is daily worn or after washing. If the comfort level is not so comfortable as pure cotton, the price will be much cheaper, so it is a relatively cost-effective work clothing fabric.

4. This polyester/cotton blended chemical fiber fabric will not cause irritation to the skin and can be used to produce close-fitting work clothes and can be worn for a long time.

Daditextile Company Profile10

We have rich textile experience of over 20 years. We have our weaving and spinning factory located in Baoji city. Our company specializes in environmental fabrics for hospital uniforms, government department staff uniforms, and also firemen functional fabrics as well as leisure fabrics. We are working with international brands like WALMART, UNIQLO, JEEP, GAP, H&M, C&A, and Mango, praised by domestic and foreign guests. A welcome friend from all over the world to establish long time cooperation with us.